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             Heatal 12 volt heaters are sold WORLD WIDE

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small battery powered heater

   Battery powered heaters work safe in problem areas

  • 12 volts DC heaters are portable and will  withstand harsh treatment

  • The insulated outer case of the small heater prevents burns and heat loss.
    Small battery powered heaters can be used free standing or mounted.

  • Fan forced small heaters are ideal for providing "controlled heating" clear spacer lightning

  • Battery powered heaters are designed to safely spot heat a selected area.
    The small heaters will operate in confined spaces that are difficult to heat.
battery powered heater
    Battery powered heaters can also be powered by a small transformer or car

A selection of plugs allow you to connect directly into your cars cigarette lighter or auxiliary.
The small heater has extra long power leads that makes safe positioning easy. & reduced 


*Small 12 volt heater

Small twelve volt heaters have no hot spots.
cler small 12 volt heater
All heating controls on the low voltage weather proof heater are built into the casing.
Operating the heater where accidental contact may occur will not cause an injury.
        The outer shell of 12 volt heaters is rust proof and easy to clean

Twelve volt heaters are impact resistant & suitable for positions indoors or weather exposed.
The small heater may also be located outdoors. A transformer or battery power can be used to
safely operate the heater in remote areas. There are no heating elements touching the outer surface.
  Regulated warmth is released from vents providing uniform heating.
  A full 12 month guarantee is supplied with every small heater.
  only    $47.92 a clear spacer


  A  small 12 volt heater that has a whisper quiet fan.
 The filtered heater silently distributes clean warm air.

clear Small heaters with fan
  • The filters prevent contamination and reduce noise.

  • Washed fan filters can be re-used. Spare filters are         "supplied free"

small low voltage heater
Fan heaters are designed to operate safely around activity. An impact resistant
heater housing and weather proofing is fitted on electrical components.
a                 $ 49. 95

all weather surface heater      ( with heat loss prevention )
cl small surface heater

The surface heater can also be safely operated with a transformer or combination of transformer/battery
just $38.72 PayPal — The safer, easier way to pay online. A thermostat ensures heat is maintained at a consistent level.

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12 volt nozzle heater

Weatherproof fan heaters with air flow director clear spacer cler 12 volt nozzle heaters

The 12 volts nozzle heater operated with or without a fan

  • Warm air is directed through an aluminum nozzle. Nozzle fan heaters are insulated against heat loss.

  • Sleeves can be positioned on the aluminum nozzle to provide insulation. Sleeves ensure heating is targeted.

  • Nozzles & removable sleeve available in two sizes. Nozzles are 1.5" (38 mm)  or  3" (76 mm)  long with a dia. of .6" (15 mm)
Multi-position brackets & fittings are included with 12 volts nozzle heaters ( no tools required )
  3 inch heater nozzle
sun     paypal     sun
 1.5 inch heater nozzle

*12 volts cage and crate heater

Rain will not damage the small heater. Twelve volt heaters are self draining and can be exposed to wet areas The small heater will operate safely for long periods of time at a low cost on a transformer or battery power. Battery powered heaters are easy to fit. Simply place it in the position you desire and tighten one bolt. Fittings & easy to understand instructions included. Whisper quiet fans gently distribute warm air.
The air is micro filtered to prevents the spread of particles.
 Extra air filters are   free

clear spacer battery cage heaters cl low voltage crate heaters

Twelve volt crate heater that are ideal for warming the inside of boxes, or crates

*Miniature 12 volts heater

miniature 12 volts heater 12 volt miniature heaters  have an impact resistant casing. The small heater can
be used to warm damp and difficult areas that larger heaters cannot.

 12 volt miniature heaters  may be operated from transformers or battery.
Insulation allows the heater to be exposed to wet weather
. clear spacer ship

12 volt miniature heaters  are rust proof, easy to clean and warranty protected.

     just  $29.95

TINY battery operated heater

Tiny battery operated heaters provide warmth for hard to heat areas
cle tiny battery operated heater
  • Connections supplied with all 12 volt heaters

  • Positioning of the low voltage heater is quick.
The all metal heater can be regulated to provide a consistent level
of controlled warmth. A long power cord ensure perfect positioning.

Solar panels will easily supply sufficient energy for heating.
 only  $29.95

Little twelve volt heater*

Little 12 volt heaters are fitted with protective shield preventing burns
cle Heater suction mounts cle little 12 volts heater Little 12 volt heaters have a detachable suction cup
The low voltage heater are free standing or mounted
into areas that require spot heating. No tools are required.
  just $24.93


12 Volt heating cable The low voltage heating cable generates uniform warmth. Twelve volt
     heating cables with automated regulating are very reliable. Heating cable & fittings supplied.
       The 12 volts heat cable will support moderate weight placed directly onto its surface.


Electrical transformers

heater transformer

The small transformers automatically adjust to provide the correct power

All N.B.P low voltage heaters are suitable for the switch mode transformer. We will replace FREE of charge (including shipping)
any transformer that does not fit your N.B.P heater. There are no adjustments, tools or wiring required to operate the power transformer.
Simply plug the transformer into your heater and power point.    Free instructions.   $49.95

low cost heating

Switch mode transformers provide electricity with better efficiency

cle Switchmode power Power for a small heater Switch modes transformers available on this web site are high quality units ideal for small heaters that requires stable power.

   The transformer automatically stops
if the heating power becomes unstable

Switch mode transformers are compact and fit into most areas.
   The small transformer can be used  free standing or mounted.
Glue or tape applied to the outside of the small transformer will
safely hold the light weight power supply in position.

DIMENSIONS:  4.5 inches  (120 mm)  2.3 inches  (55 mm)  and 1.5 inches (40mm) 
The low voltage transformer has all electrical leads. Weight 8 ounces (0.3 grams)
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transformer and heaters                  paypal                  heater and transformers
Heater performance guaranteed to within 5% of capacity
12 Volt Heaters are compliant to several major standards. A.B.N:59 969 257 330
Weather proofing achievable when connectors have suitable protection.

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The environmental research and advocacy organization Environmental Working Group
in May 2003 filed a fourteen page paper with the United States Consumer Product Safety
Commission petitioning for a rule that requires heating appliances containing P.T.F.E carry
   warning labels .....


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