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heated bird perches


              Heatal heated bird perches are sold WORLD WIDE.

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     small heated bird perch

Heated bird perch
Heated perches that will operate on  ALL three power supplies*

Pets located away from a convenient electrical power point can be warmed safely and economically with the power of the sun or battery. The storage battery may also be recharged from a solar panel. Solar panels suited for the heated bird perch are small, inexpensive and easily supported by a cage.
Installation of a solar panel is simple.

fan heated birds perch fan operated perch heater
A "warm air flow" for your pets resting area.

The out doors perch heater operates on a safe low voltage power. You can provide warmth with a battery
or solar panel. Or you may choose to operate the small heater on a transformer with extra long electrical leads (supplied)

Perch heater fans will operate for more than 48 hours on a small battery.

The birds perch heater will not harm your pet

A protector shield covers the electrical lead. Birds cannot reach the power cord.

  • Protection for your pet is provided with an aluminum shield enclosing the interior section
    of small heater. NO BIRDS "including your parrots" can penetrate the safety shield.

  • Perch heaters are manufactured from a tough shell that spreads heat evenly. Bird perches operate at the same temperature as your birds body. Pets can safely perch on the small heater

  • The perch heater and electrical lead are weather proof. Rain or snow causes NO problems

  • Installing the pet heater is simple. A squeeze of glue into the locking cap (included) creates a reliable mount for many years. Or simply slide the heater through the cage bars.
    please select power lead


           perch heater that warms tree branches
special small heated birds perch heated perch bird houses

The heated bird perch has all controls and connections safely enclosed in a weather proof housing that is situated "outside"
the birds home. Wet weather will not
compromise the safety features.

To improve the appearance of your pets home shrub branches can be used as natural perches. Branches dries or covered with leaves that are found around homes create an ideal perch for your small pet. The heater warms the branch.

   Heating temperatures are maintained automatically. Fitting branches is quick.

   Perch heaters are also supplied with TWO perches. The non toxic perches with protective inner aluminum sleeves are pet safe and create. "No hot spots"        Keeping small birds warm Bird house heated perch

    has never been easier

      Perch lengths:  3 inches ( 75 mm ) 6 inches ( 150 mm )

There is also a pet warmer fitted to the front of the perch heater. The pet warmer allows your bird to snuggle up against a warm ( body temperature ) surface. The comfort plate makes an companions.



large heated birds perch

a30 A large heated bird perch that is ideal for aviaries and bird cages

Aviary perch with heating The heated perch has an inbuilt thermostat that automatically controls the heat setting to provide a safe temperature
for your small pets bird cage or bird aviary.

Installing the heated perch into a bird cage or aviary is simple.
All fittings and instructions are supplied. No tools required.

"Weather proofing"  has been applied to all the electrical components of the heated perch. The perch can be
operated outside exposed to weather conditions.

Bird cage heated perch The outer shell of the heated bird perch is molded from non toxic thermo plastic. An impenetrable inner shell of aluminum protects the electrical components from damage. The inner shell distributes the heat evenly through the heater rails. There are no hot spots that may injure your pet. $55    now $39.80


Protect your pet from the harmful effects of air conditioning and cold drafts
Thermo Perch

Thermostatically controlled to your pets body temperature
A safe low voltage transformer (supplied) heats the perch.
Thermo Perch are ideal for a bird house heated perch.
Reduces the stress of staying warm in cold weather.
Requires no tools to attache onto a wire cage.
Shaped to reduce foot cramps and sores.
Thermo Perch has a years guarantee.

Thermo-Perch help to protect your exotic birds from harmful air conditioning and cold drafts. Thermo Perches provides a source of warmth safely controlled by an automatic thermostat. K&H Thermo-Perch. Exotic birds perch warmer manufacture K&H thermo perches.

 only  $17.52

Comparison of heated bird perches: price of the heated bird perches may have altered. Thermo Perch manufactured by K&H are $22.70. Amazon have bird perches with heating for $21.50. Warming your pets with small hiatal bird perches is safe. Heated bird perches are sold by Petco. The price of the small heated perch is approx. $23. They stock lectro thermo perches. The lectro thermo perch and K&H Thermo perch are also available from walmart. Prices for the small heater are around $24 Heatal heaters are protected by a manufacturers warranty. All connections to the small heater and power leads must be weather proofed or kept dry. transformer & battery* additional unless otherwise stated. Free shipping for Heatal warranty claims.