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               Welcome pet lover
               Heatal pet home heaters are sold WORLD WIDE

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Warming my cat

*keeping your cats home warm

No playful cat or kitten can accidentaly expose the heaters electrical wires
Don't take a chance  Warm your pets resting area with our touch safe cat heater.

   Weather proof pet heaters may be exposed to the rain Warming a cats box
  • A cat home heater can be installed within 2 minutes
  • Tools or skills are not required to fit our small pet heater
  • Interior space of your pets home is not crowded by a large heater
   The small cat home heater warms by contact. Cats and kitten can rest
   against the heated surface. Temperatures are controlled providing heat
   that does not exceed a safe level.  Instructions & guarantee supplied

Heating a cats home Warming a cat Warming a cats home Heating for cats Cat home heater

SMALL TWO SPEED FAN HEATER    for cats & kittens
You have the choice of warming your pet with different fan speeds
This is ideal for areas that require a gentle warm breeze
Small heater for a cats Small heater for a cats

A carry handle is conveniently situated at the top of the cat heater//cooler
combined with a long lead allows
the light weight and portable heater
to be easily relocated into a safe area

     The pet heater will provide a warm and comfortable home for years
just $32.10 each
   A FREE ship warranty covers all pet heater claims
         please select model

Warming a kitten

fantastic pet heater

warm every corner of your pets home

Our new pet heater will warm your cat or kitten safely.

Simply position the small touch safe heater in the area that your pet claims as their own personal space.

The pet friendly heater starts warming immediately and automatically monitors the preset temperature to
comfortable levels

A touch of a button "plus" loving care provides your pet with a warm and happy home.

         WHAT YOU GET
  • A pet heater that is economical
  • Smooth surfaces to prevent injuries
  • A long power lead for easy positioning
  • Complete safety from the heater elements
  • Money back guarantee ( including shipping )
Heating a cat home Cats and heating Kittens and heating

$80   Only $38.60
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new   heaters comply with US & EU world wide safety standards