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               Heatal kitten and cat heaters are sold  WORLD WIDE

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Warming kittens and cats
    your kitten

Pet owners can now keep kitten warm safely with a small heater.
Keeping cat warm The fan heaters are weather proof heaters that are ideal for pets.

Heat settings  for the heater cannot be accidentally altered.
Temperatures for keeping your cat warm are set at safe levels.
A thermostat monitors & automatically adjusts the temperature.

The kitten heater can be operated by a transformer or battery
   safely and at a very low operating cost
rain               WEATHER PROOF
                 PET HEATERS

   are compact, economical and will warm your pet even when its raining
Kitten heaters
The heater has been designed to operate in confined spaces or exposed to weather

Easy to read operating instructions are supplied with every cat and kitten heater.
Pet house heaters have a whisper quiet fan that gently spreads warm filtered air.
Installation of the small heater is easy and requires no wiring.
Keeping your kitten warm is so easy  only  $29.83
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*heater for a kittens home
    A heater for kittens that has been designed to operate close to your precious pet.
No parts of the kitten heaters outer shell will burn or injure your kitten.
light Cat and kitten heaters
  •   Fan heaters have filters to removes fur & contaminants found around pet homes.

  •   The filters can be washed and re-used
    countless times. Spare filters are supplied.
   Clean warm air   creates a relaxing home for pets

new  Our pet heaters are designed for kittens.
Kittens that are not house trained can safely play around the "weather proof" heater.
   The pet friendly kitten heaters are very stable and have a tilt safety that stops power

Insulation and weather proofing that protects your kitten from an injury covers the pet heaters
electricals. Kitten heaters can also be safely powered from a transformer or battery.

Kitten heaters A thermostat will automatically maintain a safe heating range.
Kitten heater can be operated indoors or exposed to weather.
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                                                    kitten heaters that will warm pets safely

The fully enclosed kitten warmer has no hot spots that can burn a kitten when brushed against

Kitten heaters may be operated by a transformer or battery* for added safety. Kitten heaters are weather proof and can be placed in most positions around your pets home. The touch safe heater may also be left outside in the weather.  Relaxing warmth is gently created to comfort your pet. Kiten heater

  No heat elements touch the outer wall of the heater
  Heating is generated in the interior of the pet heater

Warmth radiates through vents to provide comfort for kittens.
The compact kitten warmer is extremely strong and will easily
withstand attacks from any kitten or cat that is in a playful mood.
      An automatic thermostat maintains the temperature
Kitten heaters can operate free standing or mounted in your pets home.

Kiten heater Warming kitten                

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cats Heaters are protected by a manufacturers warranty. All connections to the small heater and power leads must be weather proofed or kept in a dry safe area transformer or battery* additional unless otherwise stated Read pet heater operating instructions. Free shipping is provided for all pet heater warranty claims. Kitten heaters are quality controlled.