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warming kittens
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3 methods of warming cats

  • The most important is suitable shelter for your pet.
  • Next a warm bed to increase comfort level and happiness.
  • Lots of companionship completes the cosy shelter for your cat.
Kitten heated bed

  A cats bed with built in heating can have serious health and safety issues
  • It is very difficult to clean a pet bed that has electrical wiring inside the covers.
  • There is no method of checking the quality and condition of the heaters wiring.
  • The cats bed will require replacement long before the heater stops functioning.

heated cat beds
 Pet bed heaters   The perfect solution!

  • Our removable cat bed heater will easily outlast several pet beds. It
      is cheaper to replace the worn bed and re-use the pet bed heater.

  • Inspecting the condition and safety of the cat bed heater is simple.
    A quick glance will ensure the small bed heater is safe for your pet.
    kitten bed heaters

  • Keeping beds clean is a constant choir. Cats are always shedding fur.
    Removing the pet bed heater will simplify and speed up cleaning.

      is easy with the small weather proof heater

Cat bed warmers have thermal panels that distribute warmth  without hot spots
Cat bed warmers are compact and economical. The heater can operate on a battery*
or small transformer and is safe to warm the sleeping area of boisterous pets.
Kitten and cats are protected. There are no sharp edges.
Pet heater temperatures are automatically controlled

  Buried beneath bed covering or left exposed the heater
will always provide reliable warmth.
heated kitten beds pay Cat bed heaters are economical to operate.  $49.42

*cats cosy

   A cats cosy that is an ideal resting place for small pets

The cats cosy has a padded surround of soft quilting that will retain your pets body warmth.

cat cosy
  • Quick clean floor section and a safe automatic heating ensure bed cosies are ideal resting areas

  • The small cat cosy can collapse for easy storage

  • Cats cosy have removable touch safe pet heater

free shipping   $49.75
Pet beds displayed are warmed
by our removable cat bed heater

*heated cats bed

Heated cat beds that are comfortable and easy to clean

Heated cat beds provides a warm sanctuary that is easy to enter. The bed is ideal for pets that
are vulnerable or ill. Cats with arthritis will find that heated cat beds provide comforting relief.
A cocoon of warmth surrounds your pet
Your pets bed can be used all year round by simply removing the small pet heater.
The base of the heated cats bed has a barrier protector to prevents heat loss.
Heated bed for kittens

  The light weight heated cats bed has been treated
    with stain proof protection.   only $48.22
A 24 month guarantee protects your purchase

BATTERY heated pet bed    

A cats heated bed that automatically switches on when your small pet rests on the pad.
When they leave heated pads automatically turn off.   YOU SAVE MONEY battery bed heaters

Pet heat pads are weather proof & can be left outside
battery pet heater Power use is low. In good conditions a battery heated pets pad will
remain warm for over 48 hours.
$100  $56.32

keeping your pet warm
  A heater package to keep your pet warm when the weather turns cold.
You will receive a quality pet bed mattress and cover that can be washed
and re-used countless times plus a see through bed stand & temperature
controlled pet bed heater. Safety for your small pet is guaranteed by a
thermostat inside the small bed heater. The level of warmth is automatic

warming pets lightning

cats how does it work ? A whisper quiet fan gently supplies heated air that spreads under the bed and warms your pet mattress in a manner similar to a beds electric blanket BUT with a higher level of safety    reduced   $46.95
  ( one day only )

NO PTFE PRODUCTS ARE USED IN OUR CAT HEATERS    Heaters are protected by a manufacturers warranty. All connections to the small heater and power leads must be weather proofed or kept in a dry safe area transformer or battery* additional unless otherwise stated Read heater operating instructions. Small beds and heated cat bed

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