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*cat bed heaters

What is the safest method of warming a cats bed   A CAT BED HEATER

Keeping a cat bed warm requires a system of heating that is superior to an electric blanket.
    functions a bed heater should have

cat bed heater

A safe and controlled temperature system.
  Designed to withstand a pets playfull activity.
   The small bed heater must be weather proof
  Pet bed heaters need to be economical to operate.

Safety is a priority when purchasing a heater for a cats bed.

You cannot supervise pets constantly. Weather proof bed heater are ideal for pets that require house training

Pets enjoy playing with loose items in their living area. Cat bed heaters must be able to withstand boisterous activity from your pet, be impact resistant and non-toxic. The heater will require a safe and regulated low voltage system. For added convenience the heater should also have the ability to operate from a battery.

cat bed heaters have all of these safety features "plus more"

All the electrical components of the heater are enclosed in a non toxic shell that is fully insulated.    This great feature ensures safety for your pet and maximum operating efficiency.

Cat beds will require constant replacement due to hygeine and wear. Our cat bed heaters will continue operating to the same high standards that was achieved with your first pet bed. Pet heaters are easy to clean. The heaters are smaller than a cup saucer and will operate anywhere. Warming a cat or kitten bed is easy.

Your pet always has a warm heart. Our bed heater will ensure that your pet has a warm bed.    $49.42

kitten bed heaters heated cat beds heated kitten beds Cats heated bed Kitten heated bed

keeping your pet warm

warming pets

A complete heating package to warm pets safely. Pet heater packages come with a reticulated ( "breathes" ) foam mattress and cover that can be washed for re-use countless times. The transparent bed cocoon displays your pet.

Warmth is supplied by our exclusive weather proof pet heater

Safety for your small pet is guaranteed by an automatic thermostat built into the small heater. The level of warmth is automatically adjusted to provide a safe and comfortable bed for your pet.

Operating cost for warming your pets bed is low.

how does it work ?
The whisper quiet fan filters a steady supply of warm air that
circulates around the bottom of the bed and penetrates the
mattress. Countless micro vents then transmit the heat
to where it is required, warming your small pet.

Our pet friendly heater and bed package is great value at   $79.61

The pet beds displayed below are kept warm by our quality cat bed heater

*classical bed for your cat

classical heated pet beds are a quality constructed bed

An open design allows your pet easy access to the heated pet bed. Heavy pets will appreciate the firm support the classical heated bed offer. Heating is provided by our removable pet bed heater

cat cosy
"Warmth for your small pet is fully automatic"

Do not delay in pampering your pet.


*cats cosy

A cats cosy that is an ideal resting place for small pets

The cats cosy has a padded surround of soft quilting that will retain your pets body warmth.

heated bed for cats
  •   Quick clean floor section and a safe automatic heating
    system completes the perfect cosy bed for your small pet.

  • The cats cosy can be collapsed for convenient storage.

  • Cats cosy & removable touch safe heater.   just  $49.75

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*heated cats bed

Heated cat beds that are comfortable and easy to clean

Heated cat beds provides a warm sanctuary that is easy to enter.
The bed is ideal for pets that are vulnerable or ill.

Cats with arthritis will find that heated cat beds provide comforting relief.
A cocoon of warmth surrounds your pet

Your pets bed can be used all year round by simply turning off the small heater.

Heated bed for kittens The light weight heated cats bed has been treated with stain proof protection. Cleaning is an easy choir. only $48.22

BATTERY heated pet bed

A cats heated bed that automatically switches on when your small pet rests on the pad.
When they leave heated pads automatically turn off.   YOU SAVE MONEY battery cats heater

The pets heated pad is weather proof and can be left outside.
battery pet heater To clean the small bed a simple wipe will provide your pet with
               a clean resting area

The battery operated heated pet bed can also run on a small low voltage transformer
$100  $56.32

Heaters are protected by a manufacturers warranty. All connections to the small heater and power leads must be weather proofed or kept in a dry safe area transformer or battery* additional unless otherwise stated Read heater operating instructions