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Heat mat for dogs

Heat mats are an economical & safe method of providing warmth for your pet
You have a choice of operating our pet mats powered directly from batteries.
Safety, freedom of location and economical heating are the advantages.
The low voltage heated mats use very little power.

heat mat for pups
Heat mats are available in 3 sizes and 2 exclusive colors

 Correct mat size & color = easy cleaning and low cost warmth
  • Lustre White is great for hiding fur from light colored coats.
  • Twilight Grey will be ideal for dogs & puppies that are dark.
  • Your pets breed will determine the size of heat mat required.

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Heating pads for dogs

Aluminum heating pads   can withstand harsh treatment from boisterous pets

Aluminum heating pads   light weight makes relocation a simple choir

Heat pad for dog free

free pet blanket

The small heating pad has insulation.
Insulation protects your pet from electric shock and impact harm.
Pet heat pad insulation also creates a weatherproof ground barrier that protects against heat loss.

A low voltage power supply or battery may be used to warm up the pet pad. Instructions provided.

      Automatic thermostats control the temperature setting at safe levels with no hot spots

Colors for your dogs heating pad are  SILVER  ( brushed aluminum ) and  BEIGE 

Dog and pup heating pads are weather proof and very easy to keep clean.

          A low price of  $32.54 pay

heating mat for dogs

Long electrical leads allow positioning of the heat mat
where you choose
Warming dogs heat mat Heating mat for dogs
Our dog heating mat will be an attractive and useful addition for your pets home.

Pet friendly heat mats
.  $34.72

24 months warranty &   free replacement shipping


solar heated dogs home
A satellite dish converted into a solar heated dog house

Building a dog house with an obsolete satellite dish is simple and requires no special skills or tools. The dog house can also be fitted with a solar panel to provide economical warmth to a pets heat mat on cold days.

solar heating for dog mats dog pads solar heated Only use satellite dishes that belong to you*

solar heated dog mat
The dog house base will be the dish. Roofs can be added to the dog house by using a plywood panel that is cut out to similar shapes as the dog house base.

If you have possession of 2 obsolete satellite dishes these can be converted into an excellent dogs home.

heating mat for dog Dog house roofs and dog house bases that are built from matching discs can be converted into a weather proof dogs home that is very pleasing to look at.

The dog house plan commences with the removal of all fittings connected to the dish. Care should be taken when working with the small dog house base ( dish ) not to damage the protective coating. This will ensure that the dog house is shielded from corrosion. Your pets home can be repainted later.

solar heated pet mats

Support legs will be required to raise the sat base from the ground and also provide stability. Three or more legs will create a level dog house base that can support the weight of a large dog.

Most satellite dishes have four holes pre drilled for the transmission hardware. If the existing holes are suitably spaced then these will make excellent anchors for the dog house supports.

Door stoppers that are stocked at large hardware chains can provide elevation for the solar heated dog house base plus insulation from damp creep. Alternate items that are suitable for dog house supports are lengths of garden hose cut to the required size or rubber balls halved. Wooden base runners will also provide support.

  The heater for the dog house can be powered by a solar panel that doubles as a roof for the pets home. A low consumption heater mat that is safe for use with pets can be positioned inside the dog house base and a suitable bed covering placed over the dog house heater. Electrical wires used to tap the power coming from the solar panel can be placed within the solar panel (dog house roof ) supporting rods. Always place fittings and wiring in an area that has no access to your pet.    The movie has more details and diagrams.

Metal rods that are used as dog house roof supports can be permanently fixed onto the dog house base with fasteners that are corrosion resistant. Ensure that no sharp ends are protruding into the dog house base.

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Heaters are protected by a 5 years manufacturers warranty.
All connections to the small heater and power leads must be weather proofed or kept in a dry safe area transformer or battery* additional unless otherwise stated Read operating instructions. Free shipping for warranty claims covering small pet heaters and heat mats for dogs. * Contact service provider to confirm who is the legal owner of any satellite dish used for a dog house heat mat with solar heating for small pets.