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A  warm welcome to our home on the web
We have available for the caring pet owner a selection of heaters
that will "safely provide warmth" for your small pets home.

  • warming dogs    Hound heaters and pet heaters with fan etc

  • heater for dogs    Warming a dog cage through the wall or floor.

  • heated dog house    Metal protected pet heater that is weather proof.

  • heating a dogs bed    A selection of heated dog beds plus pet bed heaters.

  • solar and wind heater    Warmth for pet enclosures with wind & solar heater

  • heaters for pup homes    Heating small pets with a selection of touch safe heaters.

  • warmth for a pets home    Pet home heaters that warm through the wall of a dog house.

  • keeping your little pet warm   Warming your pet safely with a small weather proof pet heater.

  • heat mats for dogs and puppies    Heat mats and heat pads are available in a variety of exclusive colors.

  • puppy puppy heater
       NO PTFE PRODUCTS ARE USED IN OUR HEATERS  we take no risks with your pet

    The environmental research and advocacy organization Environmental Working Group in May
    2003 filed a fourteen page paper with the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission
    petitioning for a rule that requires heating appliances containing P.T.F.E carry warning labels...

heater for a dog house Heater for dogs heater for pups
Friends and family will appreciate a gift for their pet