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miniature heater
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Miniature heaters that operate safely in areas difficult to heat

Miniature heater
  • Miniature heaters are designed to safely spot heat a selected area.
    The tiny heaters will operate in damp and very harsh environments.

  • Weather proofing our miniature heater enables the small heater to be
    positioned in areas that are exposed to all types of weather conditions

  • Miniature heaters can be operated on a low voltage transformer or battery (not included). The casing of the small heater is insulated to prevent burns.
       heater mounting brackets are available in four styles
        back mounting : suction cup : flange mount : swivel mount


A fan forced miniature heater for projects that require a warm
airflow is also available. The heaters fan speed can be adjusted.   miniature

   just  $59.95
  select mount

    fan heater

    only  $108.65
   select mount

*Miniature disc heater

Miniature disc heater Miniature disc heaters have aluminum plates covering the heating surface. A small standard sized 9 volt battery ( not supplied ) can be used to operate the miniature heater. The heater is compact, portable and will withstand harsh treatment.
Miniature disc heaters are weather proof and ideal for
warming small items that require transportation.   $38.92

Simply connect to a battery

disc heaters The miniature disc heater is also available with a battery holder containing two or four AA batteries*.Performance of the
miniature heater "increases"
when powered by a battery pack.
The packs have a convenient on // off switch.

*Micro heater

Micro heater for warming enclosed cavities and small spaces

The small heater has an aluminum outer case that encloses a ceramic heater. micro heater Micro heaters are available in two sizes and operate on a variety of sources.

Low voltage heaters are simple to install. Mains powered miniature heaters should be fitted to qualified standards. Temperatures are attainable in controlled environments.

Micro heaters can operate safely on AC or DC power

The micro heaters are ROHS compliant and will perform reliably for long periods of time.

       DIMENSIONS                            WEIGHT                        TOLERANCE
1.4x.5x.5 inches (35x12x12 mm)    .35 ounces (10 grammes )      5%+/-   (battery micro)
1.4x.5x.5 inches (35x12x12 mm)    .35 ounces (10 grammes )      5%+/-   (micro heater) 
1.4x.5x.5 inches (35x12x12 mm)    .35 ounces (10 grammes )      5%+/-   (110V heater)
1.4x.5x.5 inches (35x12x12 mm)    .35 ounces (10 grammes )      5%+/-   (240V heater)

Miniature nozzle heater*

Weatherproof fan heaters with air flow director
The miniature nozzle heater can be operated as a combined function or independently.

Miniature nozzle heaters
  • Air flow is directed through the aluminum nozzle. The small fans casing resists impacts and is insulated against heat loss.

  • An insulated sleeve ( supplied ) placed on the
    aluminum nozzle ensures that all heating is targeted.

  • Aluminum nozzle & removable sleeve are available in 2 sizes
    Nozzles are 1.5 "  (38 mm )  or  3 "   (76 mm )  long and a diameter of .6 "   (15 mm )

A multi-position bracket and fittings are included with all miniature nozzle heaters
         1.5 inch nozzle

       3 inch nozzle

*Midget heater

Midget heaters Air flow patterns may be modified by adjusting the whisper
quiet fans speed. Midget fan heaters can be customized to
provide heat settings that are suitable for your project.

  Ceramic coils enable miniature heaters
   to rapidly obtain operating temperatures

The miniature heaters temperature and fan settings are pre-set for optimum performance. Midget heaters have a sturdy mount that provides reliable support.



   miniature  coil  heater
Miniature heater coil miniature coil heating miniature coil heater expanded view

 Miniature coil heaters are no bigger than a dime but pack a heafty 8 amp wallop.

Small transformers or storage batteries* are ideal for powering the miniature coil heater.

HIGH TEMPERATURE LEADS   protected with insulated fibreglass sheaving are supplied.
 Additional fibre glass sleeves are also included  free to ensure all connections are insulated.

Miniature heaters can be regulated for warmth at a touch safe level or high temperatures.

Temporary "miniature" heater
The temporary miniature heater is powered by a single AA battery ( not included )
Temporary heaters are designed to withstand the rigors of modern travel.

temporary miniature heaters There are no switches that may be accidentally altered

When the battery is placed into the holder the small
heater will function reliably for the desired period.

The heater is weatherproof. All parts of the temporary miniature heater are recyclable.

Temporary heater
     Only $34.70

 Pack of ten  $290.95
    free shipping

*Miniature radiant heater

Miniature radiant heaters are small weather proof heaters with a ceramic heat emitter encased inside an aluminum housing. The radiant heaters have thermal fins that
"rapidly disperse heat"

There are four models of miniature radiant heaters            
temperatures are an approximate guide            

  •      140 degrees Fahrenheit   ( 60 C )              160 degrees Fahrenheit    ( 71 C )
  •      180 degrees Fahrenheit   ( 82 C )              200 degrees Fahrenheit    ( 93 C )

An aluminum thickness of 1/4" (6 mm) enveloping the emitter ensures a consistant level of warmth is generated. Radiant heaters will operate safely in areas exposed to hard impacts.

Miniature radiant heaters                Radiant heater with temperature control  

Maximum temperatures can be maintained with a miniature radiant heater regulated by an automatic thermal controller. Operating tolerance of the small heater is approx. 3%.

                    radiant heater & "fan"

Radiant heater and fan A small fan fitted to the heater increases heat dispersion.
The fans airflow can be controlled to regulate heating

Miniature heat pad*

The miniature heat pads are ideal for warming cavities that have a space restriction.

Miniature heat pads can also be used as a surface heater and small hot plates.

miniature heat pads
Weather proofing and a plate thickness of approx
  (5mm)   allows the miniature heater to be placed
in space limited areas that are damp & difficult to heat

The aluminum heating plates have NO HOT SPOTS and are available with heat plates on both surfaces or a single aluminum heating plate with insulation base.

only $19.82   for heat pad  or  heat pad with insulated base      heat pad

 heat pad & base

Miniature heater wire

  A small heater wire and connectors that is the perfect solution for difficult heating projects.

Cuprothal Heater Wires can be used to encase suitable items requiring uniform surface heat.

small heater wires The high temperature tolerance of the wire connectors also
allows the heater wire to be installed as a radiation heater.

Wire heaters can operate on a variety of power
supplies that are rated within the wires capacity

Lengths: 4 inches (100 mm ) 14 inches (350 mm ) 28 inches (700 mm ) 40 inches (1 m )

   Several high temperature wire fittings suitable for most situations are included

Miniature heating coil

Heater wire positioned onto a coil is also available. The prewired heating coil provides maximum heat with minimum power consumption

Miniature heating coil   Heating coils can be operated on 12 volts, 120 volts and 240 volts.
Adjustable temperatures are easily achieved.   just $17.97  &  free shipping

    select voltage

transportable heat pellet

The miniature heat pellet does not require an electrical power source

Simply expose the pellet to any form of heat and place the hot pellet inside the caps.

The center shaft positions the hot pellet away from the sides of the miniature heaters casing.
An interior aluminum safety shield prevents any hot spots from developing on the outer shell.

Miniature transportable heaters will withstand hard impacts

miniature heat pellets

Miniature solar  heater


miniature heater transformersminiature heater leads

"No wiring"  is required to operate the small solar heater. There are no moving parts.
The miniature heater & solar panel will provide years of economical and trouble free heating.

The lithium batteries enclosed within the solar panels case provide a supply of energy for
the miniature heater. Transformers may be used to directly power the miniature solar heater.

When electricity is available a transformer (supplied) will recharge the lithium batteries.

miniature solar panelssmall solar panels

The solar power pack and transformer may be purchased seperately. Solar panels can operate miniature heaters when conditions are suited. Instructions provided.

*Miniature module heater

 Module heaters are only "one inch" long
         Miniature module heater
You have a choice of two models with different mounts.

Miniature module heaters will fit into tight spaces and resist impacts.

Reliable power can be obtained from a transformer or small storage battery.

The highest rated weather proofing allows the small heater to be positioned outdoors.

miniature heater module
     please select heater


heating  THROUGH >>>  partitions

Heater miniature
Miniature fan heater
Miniature heater fan

Miniature round heaters have a rust proof heating element that provides heat through a wall or partition.
A small hole drilled into a panel creates a heater mount.

The miniature heaters are available in several designs

A detachable insulation cover is also available

12 VOLTS    110 VOLTS    240 VOLTS

The miniature heater is available in several formats (with fan, without etc)
Heating element length varies and is approx. 3 inches long (75 mm)
          select fan heater
 enter required temperature

miniature version  of our popular weather proof fan heater*

   Miniature fan heaters have controls  &  features  similar to larger heaters. Miniature heater with fan
  • Insulation ensures heat is directed to your intended area
  • Touch safe heater casing & shield to guard against burns
  • Automatic thermostats to maintain correct temperatures
  • Vibration Reduction Mount that reduce operating noise
  • Customer protection with a twelve month warranty
  • Filtering to prevent contaminants being spread
  • Long power lead for easy heater placement

Fan heater dimensions are close to the miniature heaters image viewed on a standard lap top.
The heater is light weight and  weather proofed  to a high standard.   $120  now   $99.95