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  • There are no sharp edges that might cause injury

  • Reptiles can safely bask on the small pet heater

  • Burns are prevented with an insulation shield

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    Reptile heaters are suitable for warming areas
    difficult to heat. A "thermostat" regulates heating.

Reptile heaters are tested for performance to ensure the small heaters are safe and in a perfect working order.
Heatal reptile heaters are compliant to several standards.

cl Skink Heatal reptile products are sold worldwide

Deliveries are by registered mail with a tracking number


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The reptile heat pod is a proven method of supplying a safe level of warmth for your reptile at a very economical cost.

cl shipping cl Reptile heat pod Heat pods can be mounted in the reptiles
enclosure or buried beneath the substrate.

Reptile heat pods are weather proof and
impact resistant. A durable molded shell
of non toxic thermal panels that have no
sharp protrusions or corners will protect your reptiles from injury.

The small heat pod has an automatic thermostat that maintains the temperature within a safe range.
Power may also be supplied with a transformer or battery to provide reliable warmth for reptiles

Safety mesh is fitted on vents to prevent insects from nesting


warm water soak for your reptiles

Warm your reptiles with a water proof reptile heater.

The small reptile heater is simply placed in a water container that also has a basking platform (slate, rock etc ) placed in the container. Heat is transmitted by the warm water providing a comfortable and safe basking area for your small pets. Reptiles that are shedding skin will greatly appreciate the warm soak to help in their shedding.
bird bath heaters
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Deliveries are by registered mail with a tracking number

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The environmental research and advocacy organization Environmental Working Group in May 2003 filed a
14 page paper with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission petitioning for a rule requiring that
heating appliances containing PTFE carry a warning label on the potential hazards to .....

Reptile heaters and other appliances that have an electrical supply to the reptiles home must have electrical leads and connections positioned in a safe area. When constructing a reptile enclosure or tank ensure the safe positioning of the pets home, electrical leads and connections before commencing construction. The reptile heating products may be operated on a transformer or battery* additional unless otherwise stated. Our small bird heaters are weather proof and built to the high standard you deserve. A manufacturers warranty protects your investment.  A.B.N:59 969 257 330