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rain caged bird                      "free shipping"
       bird cage fan heater
       ( now available in three exclusive colors )

     Weather proof   heater for warming your pets cage.
The heater for caged birds can be safely exposed to all conditions.

Blades of the fan heater are enclosed inside the casing providing excellent protection.
  • A cage fan heater can withstand a fall from 12 feet (4 meters) without damage.
  • Heating cost is very low.  Bird cage heaters can run on a transformer or battery.
  • There are no sharp edges or exposed controls that may be accidentally bumped.
  • Weather proof bird cage heaters operate outside pet cages with complete safety.
Fan for a birds cage Bird cage fan heaters Bird cage heaters

Air is filtered with a reticulated foam filter. The filter removes particles floating in the air and
can be washed for re-use numerous times. Free filters supplied with all touch safe cage heaters.
Bird cage heater only $19.95
free instructions are included
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cage fan heater // cooler

Bird cage heater and cage coolers are combine to provide an all climate pet heater.
It allows the combined heater/cooler fan to be used throughout the year in any weather.
heated bird cage warming a bird cage
A transformer is supplied with the combined heater/cooler to provide an economical &
safe climate for your pet. The cooler & heater can also be operated on a battery.

Combined heater // cooler only $22.82
add     sun
weather proof heater  for cages & aviaries

Only the touch safe heat vent is exposed within bird homes. Vents are attack proof
             A built in automatic thermostat ensures safe levels of heat.
out doors bird cage heater
Active pets will not affect the safe operation of the bird heater.
Whisper quiet fans direct warm air into any area suitable for your pet.
The outdoors heater is low voltage and operates reliably on a solar panel & battery.

clear spacer weather proof heater

Metal shielded fan heater for birds
Cage heater for birds      Rust proof aluminum fan heaters for bird cages & aviaries
   The small bird cage heater easily fits inside your pets home
     Mounting the metal heater into the desired location is easy.
Bird fan heaters will operate in any position. Fan heaters
have a extended electrical lead for battery or house power.

NO TOOLS are required to fit the small bird cage heater
Temperatures on the aluminum casing are low enough to allow safe perching. Your pets will not be harmed by the small bird heater. All controls are safely recessed. paypal clear spacer sold clear spacer add    just  $19.99               still stocked

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 No PTFE Products Are Used In Our Bird Cage Heaters