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        Heatal cat enclosure heaters are sold WORLD WIDE

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Warming your cats home
is easy with a small heater that operates safely around pets
Warming a cat enclosure Heater for cats enclosure Heating for a cat enclosure Warmer for cat enclosure
The cat run heater has insulation built into
the heater to safeguard
your small pet

Pets can brush against our touch safe heater without injury
     You have the choice of using a transformer (if power is available) or battery* to operate the small pet heater. Warming pets with a low voltage pet friendly heater is the safest way to provide warmth for kitten and cats. "Clean warm air"  creates a relaxing home for your small pet
Cat enclosure heaters have filtering that will prevent the spread of fur and other contaminants.
The filter on the outdoor pet heater is very easy to clean. NO TOOLS ARE REQUIRED
  • Heating controls for the heater have been preset to a comfortable & safe level of warmth.
  • If your cat or kitten accidentally blocks the flow of air a thermostat will stop the heater.
  • The set temperature is constantly monitored and adjusted by the inbuilt thermostat.
Pet heaters can be positioned indoors or operated in pet yards exposed to weather.
All pet heaters have a manufacturers warranty and delivery is fast and guaranteed.
                        Why should your pet
suffer from cold weather
blank Heating mats for pets

pets heat mats

Small pets are our best friend
They deserve a warm bed

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lightning Fan heater with controlled airflow
Money can be saved with our pet heater!

Cat enclosure heater     Small pet heater has safety vents that control airflow
No money is wasted warming areas where your pet
is not resting. Warmth is directed to locations you choose.

Cat fan heaters are very safe. The outer shells temperature does not exceed a warm level. Heated positions will be quickly claimed by your small pet as their
preferred resting spot. Fan heaters with airflow control are safe and reliable. The attractive cat heater runs on
minimum power & can be safely used with batteries or transformer* .... A long cord allows easy positioning

Heater for a cat Heated cat home best
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    Automatic timing with overheat control that adjusts power  plus
a whisper quiet fan ensure a WARM & SAFE home for small pets

blank a cat home heater a heater for pets a cats small heater
blank a coon cat heater a cat bed heater a kitten home heater
blank a heater for cats a maine coon cat heater a coon cat kitten heater


   Provide a warm escape for your small pet by converting an obsolete satellite dish.

solar heating for cats solar heating for cats Satellite dishes that are no longer required and are legally your possession* can be easily converted into a cats home. Heating using a solar panel can be installed.

     The first step in transforming the sat dish into a heated pets
    home is to remove all electronics and supporting connections

Solar heated cat home
Solar cat home dishes that have a good surface will make excellent cat enclosure homes. A damaged dish will require a coated weather proof surface to prevent corrosion.

Solar heating cat home Most cat homes ( dishes ) have four support post holes pre drilled. These are ideal for fixing legs onto the cats home. Position the legs in a manner that provides a stable platform for your pet. The legs also prevent the cats home base contacting the ground causing heat loss from the solar heating system.

Cat enclosure solar heated   Support legs that were used to mount the solar dish can be used to mount the cat bed enclosures solar panel. Positioned correctly the solar panel can also be used as the roof for your pets new solar heated cats home.
Use fixtures treated for protection against weathering. Ensure that no exposed sharp protrusion from all the self tapping screws used to support the solar panels and legs.

Heated cat enclosure

   This web site contains a good selection of small pet heaters that have been designed to operate efficiently when powered by a solar panel.
The solar pet heaters have connections that allow for a battery
back up heating system to operate independently of controls.

  Homes & kits can be purchased from affiliate sites

heat solar cat enclosure heater solar cat enclosure blank heated solar cat enclosure blank special


Heaters are protected by a five year warranty
that guarantees replacement of heater. Your pet heater warranty also includes free shipping for any claims. All connections to the small heater and power leads must be weather proofed or kept in a dry safe area transformer/battery or free shipping* SUPPLIED unless otherwise stated Read small pet heater operating instructions and position safely. *Contact your cable, satellite provider to establish ownership.