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                Heatal pet home heaters are sold WORLD WIDE

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cat heaters logo blank build a heated cat home
Warming my cat
*keeping your cats home warm

No playful cat or kitten can accidentaly expose the heaters electrical wires
Don't take a chance  Warm your pets resting area with our touch safe cat heater.

   Weather proof pet heaters may be exposed to the rain Warming a cats box
  • A cat home heater can be installed within 2 minutes
  • Tools or skills are not required to fit our small pet heater
  • Interior space of your pets home is not crowded by a large heater
   The small cat home heater warms by contact. Cats and kitten can rest
   against the heated surface. Temperatures are controlled providing heat
   that does not exceed a safe level.  Instructions & guarantee supplied
                        Why should your pet
suffer from cold weather
blank Heating mats for pets

pets heat mats

Small pets are our best friend
They deserve a warm bed

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Buy your cat a Pet Heater or Heat Mat & get a Pet Mat FREE
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Heating a cats home Warming a cat Warming a cats home Heating for cats Cat home heater

Cat owners who appreciate the pleasure that a small pet can bring
will ensure that they are warm and comfortable on cold days.
A pet heater is an excellent way of showing you care. blank special

       Pet friendly heater
       ( Now available in three exclusive colors )

A cat bed heater that is designed to operate close to your pets body.           Heater only or Package Deal
No parts of the cat bed heaters outer shell will burn or injure your pet.

blank heating for a cats bed

  • The cat heaters fan is filtered to remove fur
    and dander often found around a cat's bed.

  • Fan filters can be washed for re-use
    numerous times. SPARE filters are
    supplied with every touch safe heater.

    Clean warm air   is gently blown under
your cats favorite resting area creating relaxation.

Kitten and cats are adventurous and often very boisterous.
Our pet friendly heater is safe to operate around small pets.

A thermostat connected into the heaters casing will automatically maintain a safe heating range.

The weather proof heater is ideal for pets that are not house trained or suffering from joint pain.

SMALL TWO SPEED FAN HEATER    for cats & kittens
You have the choice of warming your pet with different fan speeds
This is ideal for areas that require a gentle warm breeze
Small heater for a cats blank new Small heater for a cats

A carry handle is conveniently situated at the top of the cat heater//cooler
combined with a long lead allows
the light weight and portable heater
to be easily relocated to a safe area

  Our pet heater will keep your pet warm and contented for years
just  $19.95    and a FREE SHIPPING WARRANTY

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Your pets new
Warming a kitten
NO tilt heater

               NO TILT   PET HEATERS will warm your cat and kitten safely
no tilt pet heater Our pet safe heater start automatically when the small heater
detects the presence of your cat or kitten. NO TILT heaters
monitor and adjust your preset temperature to create a
comfortable home of warmth for your pet

TILT SAFE pet heaters have a slip free base that grip surfaces tightly
regardless of the weather or climate. Should this immense grip be
dislodged the heater immediately stops warming your pets area.

A simple push of a recessed button will release the pet safe heater.

still available at allied sites
aline sold no tilt cat heater   sun
  • No tilt pet heater are economical
  • Smooth surfaces prevent injuries
  • TILT SAFE pet heaters are light
  • Heater elements have protection
  • Your 100% money back cover
Heating a cat home Cats and heating Kittens and heating
    TILT SAFE   pet heaters have been warmly received by pet owners. This great response has created a shortage of the popular heater in several stores. Partnered sites still have a few tilt heaters.     Only $14.99
blank a cat home heater a heater for pets a heater for kitten
blank a cats small heater a cat bed heater a kitten home heater
blank a heater for cats a maine coon cat heater a coon cat kitten heater
cat heaters

Cat & kitten heater that follow
your pets movement

Our cat heater has sensors that track pets.

Cat heaters start and stop automatically
when your pet enters the resting area.


$190   reduced to  $99.95 heat solar cat home heater solar cat home heating solar cat home blank special