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blank HEAT FOR CAT Heater solar cat cage Heating solar cat cage
blank heat pad for pets a25   weather proof

heating pads for cats and kitten
An aluminum heating pad for cats and kitten that is able to withstand harsh treatment.
The weather proof pet pad is rust proof and will warm your cat or kitten safely for many years.
Cats heating mat    Pet pads are insulated against heat loss

   Pet pads are shipped to your home free

   Pet pads are powered by solar heating Pet pads may also be powered by battery or low voltage transformer. blank lightning Pet pads can be placed inside homes or left outside
Rubberized mounts support the pets pad from the ground. This increases operating efficiency and prevents moisture being trapped beneath a pad. Temperature control allows the covering of heat pads with blankets.

heat pad for cats    Pet heating pads for larger cats
  You have the opportunity of selecting an appropriately sized heat pad

  Choosing the correct sized heating pad ensures minimum power consumption.
  A cats heat pad that is oversized may increase your electricity bill by over 20%

  The heat pads have a pressure sensitive ON
- OFF switch. As soon as your pet
  rests on the plate it will commence warming. When a cat or kitten leave their
  snug resting pad the power stops and automatically starts when pets return.
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heat mat for kitten & cats
  Heat mats are an economical method of warming your pet.
Cat heat mat Heat mats provide uniform warmth over the entire pet mat.
  • The Twilight Grey color displayed will be ideal
    for your cat or kitten if they have a dark fur.

  • Soft Beige is the second color and is suited
    for small pets with a lighter colored coat.
  Selecting colors that are a close match to your pets coat
will reduce visibility of cat hairs that are constantly shed.

Pet heat mats have sections of mat approximately one inch (25 mm) around the cat mats edge that contains no heat coil. The mats edge barrier is an insulator that prevents heat loss and reduces the cost of warming pets.

  Cat & kitten heat mats  are now available in three custom colors
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The pets heat mats can be purchased for    $30  $19.75
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latest trend in cat heat mats
for your fashionista pet
Beautiful design and vibrant colors are the style for this season.
heated mat for kitten heated mat for cats
Pets will bask in the
luxurious warmth
that our fashionista heated mat provides

  are  controlled  by
  an auto thermostat
  that adjusts to your
  preferred heat level.

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blank a cat home heater a heater for pets a heater for kitten
blank a kitten home heater a cat bed heater a coon cat heater
blank a coon cat kitten heater a maine coon cat heater a heater for cats

blank heat solar cat cage logo heating solar cat cage You can build your pet a solar heated pet mat or pad. Associated links stock kits of solar heated pet pads with lighting and a roof for shelter. They also have fully assembled solar heated pads and panels that require no tools or skill to install. A fan built into the roof provides a cooling breeze in summer. blank cat blank heat mats for cats
blank cats Heaters are protected by a manufacturers warranty. All connections to the small heater and power leads must be made weather proof or kept in a dry safe area transformer or battery* SUPPLIED unless otherwise stated Read heater operating instructions *Controlling temperatures that are safe for the small pad heaters when additional heat mats etc are placed upon the heat pad must be organised by purchasers. Pet heat pads must be monitored and operation in a safe manner and located in suitable and safe areas. Free shipping is provided for pet heat mats warranty claims. All pet heat mat for pets are quality controlled

All heat mats for cats and heat mats for kittens have a protective coating. The shielding prevents dirt from staining the cats heat mat and kitten heat mats.Cleaning the pets heat mat is as simple as wiping a damp cloth over the surface of the small heat mats for cats and kitten. Heat mat for kitten and cats will last