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Hound heater

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                Warming a dog cage
rain       now available in three exclusive colors!
Cooling a dog cage   A touch safe fan heater for puppies and dog enclosures. The small dog cage heater can be exposed to all weather
All heater controls facing the cage have bump protection.

  Dog cage heaters are insulated & operate outside pet
  homes. Electrical usage for the fan heater is minimal.
  Cage heaters operate safely on battery or transformer.

The whisper quiet fan blows filtered clean air. Filters for fan heaters can be washed and used often. Spare fan filters are supplied. Dog home heaters are self draining. Our low voltage pet heater can be powered for free with a solar panel. On special
please select color
sold clear pay' height= sun
Warming a dog cage           Cage fan heater // cooler
  A dog cage heater & cage cooler ideal for your pets home

  Pet heater/coolers have all the excellent features of the cage heater
  plus a cooling function that has been combined into a multi purpose heater for small pets.

  • To change from heating to a cooling cycle simply push a switch.
  • Fan heater for a dog cage
  • Heater/coolers remain mounted on your pets cage in all weather.
solar heating for dogs keeping a dog cage warm

kennel heater              WARMING YOUR PET special
  Keeping your pets warm requires a small pet friendly heater that
  is weather proof. Dog kennel heaters should not create hazards for
  pets. The small dog heaters have an insulated case for extra protection.

solar heater for pets
"Weather proofing"   on our
touch safe heater ensures
your small pet is warmed
not injured

wall & floor kennel heater
dog cage heater Heating a doghouse    can be use as radiant heaters.
  A protection screen is supplied
  with all pet heaters.Wall & floor
  kennel heaters can be mounted
  beneath the pet home or placed
  in contact with a kennel surface.

  Interior space of your pets kennel is not
occupied by our compact wall and floor pet heater

Power can be obtained from a small transformer, battery or a solar panel. Fittings are supplied.
clear lightning
        Kennel heater temperatures
       are adjusted automatically

                      $40   $19.95

Dog Cage Heater with   airflow ®
Money can be saved with the airflow fan heater

heater for a dog cage heater for small pets
Our small dog heater has unique heating that directs warmth into the place you choose. Heat is targeted to your pets resting area not areas that are unoccupied by your dog or puppy.

The pet heater AUTOMATICALLY locates where your pet is resting and swivels the warm airflow in that direction. Heater temperatures are constantly monitored and will never exceed a safe level for pets
clear dog

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Warming a dog house Dog house heaters Kennel heater Warming a kennel Heating a dog house

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c3   Heaters are protected by a warranty. All connections to the heater and power leads must be weather proofed or kept in a dry safe area transformer or battery* SUPPLIED unless otherwise stated Read heater operating instructions. A dog cage heater and warming a pup cage with a pet heater that is weather proof. Operating costs are very low.
Pet fan heater for a dog cage has a money back guarantee plus free shipping.