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Dog house heaters special   Dog owners who appreciate the pleasures small pets bring
     will ensure that they are warm and snug on cold days.
  A pet heaters show you do care
   ( Now available in three exclusive new colors )
           *dog house heater

Heaters for puppies and dogs that are safe to operate close to your pet.
No parts of the dog heaters outer shell will burn or injure your pet.
Dog house heater
The fan heater has filters that remove
fur often found around pet homes.
Fan filters can be washed for re-use
numerous times.  Spare filters are
supplied with every touch safe heater.

      Clean warm air   is gently blown around your pets favorite resting area. Dogs and small pups are boisterous adventurers. The pet friendly
heater has been designed to operate safely around your small pet

  rain Weather proof heaters  are safe for dogs not house trained.  Our heaters can be exposed to rain.

Double insulation and weather proofing that protects you and your pet from an electrical shock is fitted on all of the small dog house heaters electrical components. Battery ( not included ) power can also be used.
heating for a dogs house
 A thermostat connected into the heaters casing will automatically keep
a safe heating range. Instructions and filters plus fittings are supplied.
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just $21.62  

A dog house heater with overheat protection that creates a safe  cocoon of   "warmth"

Heater for dogs Unique ventilation slots on the hound heater
   provides a gentle flow of warm air that is
    concentrated into your pets resting area. light

   Dog house heaters have a long power lead
  that can be safely connected to a transformer
on house power or simply connect to a battery.

Warming a pets home   Pet heaters also provide comfort for pets on hot days.
Silent fans supply a  warm and cool air flow
 Hound warmers will not injure if accidentally bumped.
The heaters low profile ensures stability around active pets.
hound heater
$30 ONLY  $19.95


have hound heaters quality features
several choices of heater mountings. Deluxe hound heaters can be mounted in positions out of your pets reach. You may place the small pet heater on a flexible mount, swivel mount ect. The electrical power lead lengths are generous and do not restrict heating.
pets pay

Hound Heater Dog House Heater / Furnace

Hound Heater Furnaces can warm large 40 cubic foot dog houses and smaller pet homes.

You have complete control in providing a safe level of warmth by radiant heat
NO FAN IS FITTED   the housing vents allow heat to escape

Hound heater
  Hound Heaters are capable of providing a restful temperature as low as 32 degrees Fahrenheit or a toasty warm dog house at around 80 degrees. This is the same temperature as a pleasant sunny day. Your pet deserves the level of comfort. Hound heaters are a light weight pet heater that measure 10inch length x 10" width x 5.25" deep and fitted with a heating control that is very reliable. The pet heater must be protected from all types of weather

Features of the Hound Heater
  • Hound heaters
  • Rounded corners to prevent injuries to boisterous pets.
  • Easy installation with a long weather proof  (level 2)  lead.
  • Thermostat settings that range from 32 degrees Fahrenheit
    up to a maximum 104 degrees of "comfortable warmth"
  • Two protected long life and economical heating element.
  • Warms small and large pet homes  ( 40 cubic foot maximum )
  • Touch safe excluding the top section of the Hound Heater
  • Automatic resetting safety control to prevent overheating.
  • Akoma Hound Heaters warranties  plus  free instructions.
Hound Heater Dog House Furnaces and hound heater deluxe are suitable for wall mounting. Floor or ceiling mounting may result in permanent damage to the Hound Heater.    $76.95

         keeping a dog house warm clear rain
   Small fan heaters operate reliably    in any weather
weatherproof dog heater
   Heat settings cannot be accidentally altered by
pets. Temperature settings are set to comfortable
levels for your dog or pup. A thermostat monitors
& automatically selects a safe heating temperature.

Heaters for a doghouse clear heat solar dog clear sold clear STOCK @ LINKED SITES

    Your dog house heater can be powered for FREE Solar energy can be used to warm pets.
Solar heating also allows easy positioning of your pets home.
solar pet heaters also operate on a small transformer or battery for long periods.
There are no sharp corners on the small heater that might injure pets.
All controls and electrical leads for the dog house heater are outside.

Weather proof  pet heaters are compact and very reliable. Fitted into the wall
of the dogs resting area the small dog house heater will not occupy a large space.

The heaters are touch safe & operate in confined spaces or exposed to weather
Dog house heaters have a small whisper quiet fan that disperses warm filtered air.
Free installation & operating instructions are supplied with every doghouse heater.
Fitting the small pet heater is quick and easy.   dog house heater $40
clear pay   just  $19.83


small dog house heater
Small pet heaters warm your pet and protect your pocket

Warming dogs
Small doghouse heater Our small doghouse heater is only  6" x 4.5" x 2 but provides the warmth of larger dog heaters at small heater operating cost.
You can easily save over 20% on your pets heating.
The clean modern lines ensure small pet
heaters fit in all areas of your dog house

  glow  off // on switch informs you with a glance when the small pet heater is operating. Pet shielding protection and automatic heater control creates a safe and warm dog house.
special free shipping for delivery  &  free shipping for warranty
solar heated dog house c3 pay
Heatal small dog home heaters are protected by a manufacturers warranty. All connections to the small heater and power leads must be weather proofed or kept in a dry safe area Transformer or battery*SUPPLIED unless otherwise stated, read heater instructions. Hound heater and hound heater deluxe operate from 110 volts ac power. Always operate your pet heater in a safe manner