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warming a dog mat          Heaters for pet lovers
             Cold floors are heated to create comforting warmth.    

Temperatures are monitored & adjusted to provide a consistent level of safe heating

Compact and easy to install the small pet heater is perfect for safely warming your dog. Our slim-line heater
require no special tools or skills to fit. Simply place the floor heater on or beneath the ground where your
pet rests then position the pets box or mattress on that area. Automatic controls operate the heater.

                                    Heating a dogs floor clear warming a pet mat

clear sold dog and heat mat
Pet floor heaters may be left in their coil shape or extended and re-shaped to suit your
  heating requirements. The battery powered heater connections & controls are not shown
but are included. Our small pet floor heater can be located in any area you choose.
    WEATHER PROOF pet floor heaters will support
   the weight of a dog and large home.

Buried under the ground creates a warm place similar to the warmth of the sun.

Line the inside of a dog box or home with the pet heater to warm the box panels.

Build your dog a sleeping platform with our heater under it.

Placed under a pets box or dog house, temperatures will not exceed a safe level.

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       Check out the new range of solar heated pads
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solar heated dog pad
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Heat mat for dogs blank sold
Heat mats are an economical & safe method of providing warmth for your pet
You have a choice of operating our pet mats powered directly from batteries.
Safety, freedom of location and economical heating are the advantages.
The low voltage heated dog mats use very little electrical power.
blank heat mat for pups blank Heat mat for dogs
  Heat mats are available in 3 sizes and 2 exclusive colors
 Correct mat size & color = easy cleaning and low cost warmth
  • Lustre White is great for hiding fur from light colored coats.
  • Twilight Grey will be ideal for dogs & puppies that are dark.
  • Your pets breed will determine the size of heat mat required.
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METAL SHIELDED  heat pads for dogs
Aluminum heating pads   can withstand harsh treatment from boisterous pets blank warming pets
Aluminum heating pads   light weight makes pad relocation a simple choir
Heat pad for dog
heat solar dog

   Heating pads have safety insulation.
                    Insulation protects your pet from electric shock and harm from accidental impacts.
    Pet heat pad insulation also creates a WEATHER PROOF  barrier that prevents heat loss.

   Low voltage power or a battery may be used to warm up the pet pad. Fittings and easy to follow instructions are supplied.
   SOLAR ENERGY   can also be used to warm the pets heat pad. A thermostat maintains the temperature setting at safe levels.

Colors for your dogs heating pad are  SILVER  ( brushed aluminum ) and  BEIGE 
Dog and pup heating pads have a Bite Proof Lead and an easy to clean pad.

  Your low price of  $19 95 blank solar heat pads for pets
                        Why should your pet suffer from cold weather blank Heating mat for dogs
pet heat mat

Small pets are our best friend.
They deserve a warm bed.

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blank a dog home heater a heater for small pets a heater for dogs
blank a heater for retrievers a Labrador heater a pug heater
blank a toy breed heater a dog bed heater a pup home heater

solar heated pet pad heating a dogs pad heated mat for dogs heated dog pad

Build your dog a solar heated pet bed clear
  Building a solar heated Dog Pad is simple, inexpensive and requires no special skills.

Solar heating for dog mats Dog pads solar heated

Solar heated dog mat
Your Pets Heated Pad will be a satellite dish*
    A plywood roof can also be added to the Solar Heated Dog Pad.
Warming pet pads with solar energy is safe

blank Heating mat for dog
Building the heated pad commences with the removal of fittings connected to the dish. Care should be taken when working with the dog pad base ( dish ) not to damage the protective coating. This will ensure that your heated pad is protected from corrosion.
Solar heated pet mats Support legs will be required to raise the heated pad from the ground and provide stability. Three or more legs will create a level heat pad that can support the weight of an assembled pad & dog.

Most satellite dishes have four holes pre drilled for the transmission hardware. If the existing holes are suitably spaced then these will make excellent anchors for the legs.
    Detailed plans are available from Affiliates

dogs heat mat solar heated A suitable out doors cushion or mat may be placed on the heated pad. Wiring can be hidden inside the solar panel support.
Use a satellite dish that is your property*

clear heat solar dog
blank solar heated dog house

pet pad with heating

warming pets heat mat