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Small solar heat pads
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    Solar power or low voltages can generate reliable warmth.
cl heat pad small   Double insulation and weather proofing protect & shield the plates
electricals. The small round plate heater can be exposed to all types of weather.

Small round plate heater     pad heaters are reduced by 50%
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  • The fully enclosed heater has no hot spots.
  • Warmth radiates evenly throughout the plate.
  • An insulated heater base minimizes heat loss.
  • Plate heaters are impact resistant and versatile.

clear spacer lightning      Battery power can be used to safely operate the heater in difficult areas.
The small heaters will supply reliable heating for 36 hours or longer in suitable conditions.
Plate heaters can be permanently connected onto controlled electrical supplies for long periods.
Battery operated plate heaters are supplied with long  HIGH TEMPERATURE LEADS  and shielding.
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cl small heat pads

The small heat pads are laminated with a brushed aluminum top & embedded grid emitter strategically positioned to spread warmth uniformly throughout the aluminum heat plate. An insulated base ensures heats directed to the aluminum plate with LOW heat loss. Operating cost is reduced by 20%

Light weight heating pads are weather proof and can be

     exposed to all weather conditions

4.1 x 8.3
100 mm x 200 mm

cl sun cl sign 6.2 x 12.4
150 mm x 300 mm

8.3 x 16.1
200 mm x 400 mm

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Small heat pads are available in three sizes and may be operated from a transformer or battery*
Heat pads can be used free standing.
just  $17.92

Small heat plate

    Small heat PLATES

   Heat plates comply to international standards and are 2.75 " wide
( 70 mm ) and 7 " long ( 175 mm ) Heat plates have a thickness of 0.2 " ( 3 mm ) The plates can operate on either 110/240 volts.
Plate heater ceramic mounts allow quick and simple installation onto an electrical power supply.
  only  $16.20  for a  110 volt  heat plate

clear spacer paypal clear spacer sold  240 volt  heat plate
    just $14.20    Heat plates are still available at connected stores and web pages


miniature heat plates

cr Miniature heat plate
The miniature plate heater provides a reliable level of warmth on minimum
voltage. Increasing voltage creates heat that is comparable to similar heaters.

Heating objects with the miniature plate heater is a simple
as connecting the heater and applying power.
plate heater

cl miniature heat plates

All metal miniature plate heaters will tolerate impacts.


         Convert a surface into a small heater
Surface Heater

Surface Heaters
The small heater warms by contact. Heat is transmitted into the selected surface.

Temperatures are controlled to provide warmth that does not exceed the preset level.

Contact with the insulated section of heater
will not cause a burn

Surface heaters are the ideal choice in limited space.

Glue will hold the light weight heater in position.

Contact Heater Surface heater     Surface heaters
   may be used for
  RADIANT heating. cl Contact Heater cl sign
   Simply reverse
   the small surface
   heater & install

contact heaters
    the weather proof heater
    can operate on batteries

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A.B.N:59 969 257 330

Heater performance guaranteed to within 5% of capacity
12 Volt Heaters are compliant to several major standards. A.B.N:59 969 257 330
Weather proofing is achievable when electrical connections have suitable protection.

A low voltage heater A_SMALL HEATERS a twelve volt heater a crate heater low voltages A Miniature 12 volts heater
a low voltage small heater A small nozzle heater A heater cable A small low voltage heater A heater battery power             NO PTFE PRODUCTS  USED IN OUR HEATERS

The environmental research and advocacy organization Environmental Working Group
in May 2003 filed a fourteen page paper with the United States Consumer Product Safety
Commission petitioning for a rule that requires heating appliances containing P.T.F.E carry
   warning labels .....

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