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miniature disc heaters        
Miniature disc heater

disc heaters
Heatal Miniature Heaters miniature heater
    are pretested and conform
       to international standards.

Miniature disc heaters have 2 aluminum plates covering the heating surface.
A standard sized 9 volt battery can be used to operate the miniature heater.
The small heater is portable and will withstand harsh treatment.
Miniature disc heaters are weather proof and ideal for
warming small items that require transportation.

Our disc heaters are available with a battery holder containing
2 or 4 AA batteries. Performance of the miniature heater
when powered by a small battery pack.
The pack have a convenient on /off switch.

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rain mini heater    raining WEATHERPROOF miniature heaters are powered by one AA battery.

Miniature heaters are designed to withstand the rigors of modern travel.
The miniature heater has no switch that may be accidentally altered.
mini heaters
   Heat is automatically regulated to your set temperature.
The heater will function reliably for the desired period.

All parts of the battery powered Miniature Heater are recyclable.  excluding battery

heater miniature tiny MINIATURE HEATERS heater tiny miniature miniature heater HEATER SMALL MINIATURE HEATER MINIATURE SMALL

miniature heater MINIATURE FAN HEATERS MINIATURE HEATER FAN miniatur heater heater size

Miniature heaters are designed to safely spot heat a selected area.
The tiny heaters will operate in damp and very harsh environments.

Weather proofing our miniature heater enables the small heater to be
positioned in areas that are exposed to all types of weather conditions

Miniature heaters can be operated on a solar panel, transformer or battery
(not included). The casing of the small heater is insulated to prevent burns.
Heater mounting brackets are available in four styles.
back mount-flange mount-swivel mount-suction cup

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Micro Heaters    miniature heater        free shipping

micro heaters Micro heater

Micro heaters are ideal for warming difficult small spaces

The small ceramic heaters have an aluminum case.

battery heaters small Our micro heaters are ROHS compliant &
perform consistently for long periods.

    1.4 x .5 x .5 inch         .35 ounces                    
35 x 12 x 12 mm         10 gramme                        
miniatur cartridge heater
select heater ( battery - 110 - 240 volts )
miniature FAN  heaters        
miniature fan heater

miniature fan heaters

fan heaters miniature

miniature nozzle heater
  Heatal Miniature FAN  Heaters
are pre tested before shipping

Miniature heaters and extendable air flow nozzles

Miniature fan heaters are weather proof and can be operated as a FAN and heating combination
or as seperate functions
fan heater miniature Ajustable air flow is directed through the aluminum nozzle.
The touch safe miniature fan heater tolerates hard impacts.
Detachable nozzle sleeves are supplied for accurate heating.
MINIATURE FAN HEATER Nozzle and insulated sleeves are available in a variety of sizes.
Nozzle length start @ 1" 25mm. Diameter starts at .6" 13 mm
A multi-position bracket & fittings are supplied with heater.

fan heater miniature MINIATURE FAN HEATER

         Whisper quiet
        miniature fan heater
A balanced miniature fan supported on
vibration pads ensures a noise free fan.
   3 coils independently wired enables
the fan heaters temperature to be set

MINIATURE VERSION of our popular battery powered fan heater

   Miniature fan heaters have controls and safety features similar to larger fan heaters
miniature heater and fan Miniature heater with fan miniature heater with fan
       plus a long power lead for easy heater placement and verticle heater mounting


miniature coil heating
Miniature coil heaters are only 1 inch  25 mm
miniature coil heater
  but will easily tolerate large loads of AC / DC for extended periods.

   Miniature coil heaters are available in a variety of temperature alloys
    & high temperature electrical leads with insulated fibreglass sheaving.
coil heater miniature
    Stocked electronic temperature controls and weather proof shielding
   makes our miniature coil heaters the ideal solution for your project.
A thermal cut out built into the coil maintains your desired temperature

miniature heater coil
The insulated miniature coil heater can be safely exposed to outdoor conditions.
Miniature coil heaters are flexible and will support weight placed onto its surface.
High temperature silicon protection ensures there is no electrical interferance.

MINIATURE HEATING COILS                                      
miniature heater coils ship miniature heater     Bobbins, wires, fittings & instructions
  are available from our web partners.


Miniature radiant heaters are small ceramic heat emitters encased inside an aluminum housing with thermal fins that rapidly disperse heat.

  There are six models of miniature radiant heaters with minimum & maximum temperatures controlled by a thermal switch

Miniature ceramic heaters with higher capacity are available from our partners
Operating tolerance of the high temperature miniature heater is approx. 1%

miniature radiant heaters miniature radiant heater

Miniature radiant heater and  fan

A small fan fitted to the heater maximizes heat dispersion.
The small fans airflow can be regulated to control heating.
There are several types of fans available plus heat shields.

miniature heat pad miniature heating plate miniature heating special offer

miniature heating wire miniature module heater battery miniature heaters miniature cartridge heater

miniature pad heater miniature module heaters miniature tube heaters miniature small heater
miniature heater return
Mini Heaters can be returned within a 30 days period that starts AFTER your delivery.

There are no restocking fees for any returned item. All we require is that the mini heater be returned in good condition Packaging that is opened will be accepted without penalty.

  Manufacturers of our popular small heaters have a policy of completing orders from large Web Sites and On-Line stores first. This occasionally creates a shortage for us

Shipping is free for purchases exceeding $100 Free shipping is also provided when delivery is within proximity of a major city or metropolitan distributor