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    Don't spoil the look of your reptiles
  enclosure. Warm your pet through the
walls and surfaces of their habitats enclosure

Place the heater on a selected area and provide warmth by heating the surface
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  Or you can operate the touch safe reptile heater as a radiator Reptile heaters can also be used as  UNDER TANK HEATERS cl lightning
reptile enclosures Small reptile heater operates on 3 power supplies.
     Transformer connected to house power
          Batteries that can be recharged
cl solar           Solar power with free sun energy

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         A under tank reptile heater has two
     fully insulated shells to prevent burns
& electric shock. There are no hot spots
  •    Under tank reptile heaters are ideal for warming floors and walls of a reptiles tank. Multiple reptile heaters
    can be positioned in different areas of the tank enclosure to create a variable climate within the reptiles home.

  • Placing a section of shale above the small reptile heater provides your pet with safe body temperature basking.
    Thermostats automatically maintain a consistent temperature. An audio alarm sounds if there is a power failure.
Reptile under tank heaters gecko reptile heater

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    (( BACK UP  pet heater ))   Reptile back up heater smaller than a tennis ball
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  •  Back up heaters can operate safely on
    rechargeable batteries or a transformer

  •  An automatic thermostat will maintain a
    safe temperature and protect your reptiles

  •  Reusable Micro Filter on the small heater
    prevent the spreading of discarded scales
 Battery powered heaters will supply sufficient heat for periods of approximately 24 hours or more in suitable weather.
Back up fan heaters can also be permanently connected onto home power to provide continuous warmth for reptiles.
The insulated reptile heater is touch safe and has built in tilt stop plus other safety features to protect small reptiles.

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reptile cage solar heating

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keeping reptiles
warm since 1998


The environmental research and advocacy organization
Environmental Working Group in May 2003 filed a 14
page paper with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety
Commission petitioning for a rule requiring that
heating appliances containing PTFE carry
a warning label on the potential hazards to .....

Reptile heaters and other appliances that have an electrical supply to the reptiles home must have electrical leads and connections positioned in a safe area. When constructing a reptile enclosure or tank ensure the safe
positioning of the pets home, electrical leads and connections before commencing construction. The reptile heating products may be operated on a transformer or battery* SUPPLIED unless otherwise stated.
Our small bird heaters are weather proof and built to the high standard you deserve. A manufacturers warranty protects your investment.  A.B.N:59 969 257 330