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REPTILE HEATERS THAT ALSO HUMIDIFY    limited stock cl pay                @ connected affiliates and on line sites heating for small reptiles cl sun cl reptile heater shipping
     Small reptile heat pads cl Reptile heat pads
cl small reptile heat pads Our small reptile heat pads are
available in three power rating

small heat lamp
  15 watts    $14.20   Reptile heat pads
  don't spoil an enclosures appearance.
small heat lamp
  25 watts   $16.90   Reptile heat pads
  are a reliable source of pet heating.
small heat lamp
  50 watts   $18.95   Reptile heat pads
  provide safe and economical heating. cl warming reptiles

  Placing the reptile heat pad towards one end of the enclosure creates a heat gradient. This creates a home with variable temperatures. Heat pads positioned on the wall of enclosures can be camouflaged with foliage.

Reptile pads are temperature controlled
heaters for reptiles   pay cl heatal cl special cl a small reptile heat pad


Reptile heater cable pad   Reptile heater cables are ideal for creating a unique climate.
  Heat pads allow your reptiles to select a safe level of warmth

   Heated platforms and substrate can be created with the reptile heater cable. Simply place a thin
piece of slate or other suitable material on top of the regulated reptile heater cable. Heat penetrates
objects placed on the cable. Your small reptile can safely bask on the warm surface. Reptile heat
cables will withstand the weight of slate and other heavy basking surfaces used to warm reptiles.
                CREATE YOUR OWN cl sold Reptile heat rope pad cl Heat rope pad reptiles
                            HEAT PAD

           REPTILE   HEAT   CABLE
      15 watt : 25 watt : 50 watt : 80 watt

heat pads for pets

Small reptile heat pads can be exposed to the weather.
Small heat pads are impact resistant and will tolerate harsh treatment.

Reptile heat pads have a weatherproof silicon base bonded onto an aluminum surface.
The small aluminum heat pads are regulated and insulated to protect pets from shocks and burns.
Heat pads for reptiles are low voltage and available in 3 sizes. Temperatures are thermostatically controlled.

reptile heat pad small reptile heat pad reptile heat pad
Reptile Substrate Pad Heaters

The Exo Terra Heat Cable ( pad ) provides warmth at selected spots around the terrarium floor. Flexible Exo Terra Heat Pads have double silicon
insulation for protection. Wrapped around branches inside the terrarium or use under terrarium the Exo Terra reptile heater cable provide warmth

Zoo Med's Repti Heat Cable will heat your terrarium. Repti Heat Pads are suited for heating tropical and desert zoned reptile habitats.
The length of the Repti heat cable is approx. 40 feet (12m) Repti heat pads can be thermostat connected when heat control is required.
cl blue tongue skink
    Heat Cables, Heat Pads and Heat Rocks for small reptiles

cl Zoo Med Pad
Repti heat emitters and bulbs are a proven method of providing reptiles warmth. A draw back with heat cables is that they only provide heat in areas the cable passes through. This is ideal for creating a variable climate that reptiles can relocate to. Reptile heat cable pad and reptile heat rope is very versitile. Heat pads may be wrapped around rock to create a warm relaxing surface. Different lengths of reptile heat cable are useful to warm several reptile enclosures simultaneously. A rheostat should be used in conjunction with reptile heat pad to ensure a safe and relaxing temperature is maintained. Small reptile heating pads and rope.

    Zoo Med 11.5 foot Repti Heat Cable & Pads
Zoo Med 11.5 foot Repti Heat Cables are a reliable heat source for multiple cages and racks.
Zoo Med 11.5 foot Repti Heat Cable Great for wrapping around cages or creating a reptile heat pad.
Zoo Med 11.5 foot Repti Heat Cables are water resistant and economical for warming reptiles for long periods.
cl reptile solar heated
    Zoo Med 14.7 foot Repti Heat Cable & Pads
Heat Cables for reptile heating racks and small reptile pads are a versatile method of heating for reptiles.
Heat ropes are impregnated with silicon to ensure a reliable and safe source of warmth.

    Zoo Med 23 foot Repti Heat Cable & Pads
cl solar heated reptile pad Zoo Med 23 foot Repti Heat Cables are great for wrapping around wood.
The reptile heat rope is water resistant and operating costs are very low.

    Zoo Med 39 foot Repti Heat Cable & Pads
Zoo Med 39 foot Repti Heat Cable is large enough to warm most reptiles
The weather resistant reptile heat rope can fit into areas that are difficult to heat.
Zoo Med 39 foot Repti Heat Cables for reptiles can be connected to thermostats.

    Zoo Med 52 foot Repti Heat Cable & Pads
Zoo Med 52 foot Repti Heat Cable are 52 feet in length and have 150 watts
The reptile heat rope is an ideal heat source for heating rack units or cages.
                       select your small reptile heat pad
a heater for reptiles a small lizard heater a reptile cage heater r" a lizard heater a reptile heater a heater for lizards

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Zoo Med mini heat pads
Zoo Med mini Reptitherm heating pads
are protected by a thermal switch to prevent overheating.
cl Exo Terra Pad Zoo Med mini Reptitherm heating pad are made from bonded viny
and operate at approx. 20 degrees above the days temperature room temperature.
Zoo Med mini Reptitherm heating pad are 4" x 5" (100mm x 125 mm) and half price @ partner

Zoo Med 10-20 Gal Heat Pad
Zoo Med 10 to 20 Gallon Small Heat Pad measure 6" x 9" ( 150mm x 225mm ) and heat resistant.
Zoo Med Heat Pads are protected by a thermal cut out and will not burn or shock your pet reptiles.
A safe and warm climate can be easily obtained for small and large reptiles using the small heater.

Zoo Med 30 - 40 Gallon Heat Pad
Zoo Med 30-40 Gallon Heat Pads have the excellent features of smaller Zoo Med 30 to 40 Gallon Heat Pads and are 8" x 12" ( 200mm x 300mm )

cl map Zoo Med 50 to 60 Gallon Reptile Heat Pad
Zoo Med 50/60 Gallon Heat Pads are a large 9" x 18" ( 225mm x 450mm )
The reptile heat made is constructed of heavy duty vinyl and will warm small pets.
cl heat rock for reptiles Exo Terra Heatwave Reptile Pads
Exo Terra Small Heatwave Reptile Pads have uniform heat distribution & low profile.
Exo Terra Small Heatwave Heat Pads are supplied with self adhesive pads for easy mounting.
The reptile heater has low power consumption and is designed for wall mounting or under tank heating. Exo Terra Extra Small Heatwave Heat Pads are conveniently sized at 4" x 5" (100 mm x 125mm) The reptile heat pads are ideal for warming reptiles.
Exo Terra Small Heat Wave Heating Pad cl reptile heating pad
Exo Terra Small Heat Wave Heating Pads are flat and very slimline.
Mounting is quick with the self adhesive pads fitted to the reptile heater.
The reptile heat pad measures 8" x 8" (200mm x 200mm) and is economical..
Exo Terra Medium Heat Wave Small Heat Pad
Exo Terra Medium Heat Wave Reptile Heat Pads have consistent heat distribution.
The small reptile heat pad. 11" x 10.5" (275 mm x 260 mm) and will warm reptiles.
Positioned under a reptile tank or wall mounted the Heat Pad give reliable warmth.          Our partners site reptile heat pad
Exo Terra Large Heat Wave Small Reptile Heat Pad cl heatal
Exo Terra Medium Heat Wave Reptile Heat Pads are 11" x 17" (275 mm x 375 mm)  and have minimum consumption.
Designed for under tank heating, or wall mounting the reptile heat pad will operate reliably for long periods of time.
cl heat pad reptile
         select reptile heat pad
cl heat pad reptiles
Zoo Med mini rock heater
   Zoo Med rock heaters for reptiles are designed with no hot spots.
Zoo Med mini reptile rock heaters are ideal as a secondary heat source of warmth for reptiles.
Zoo Med mini rock heaters do not reduce the space of your reptiles habitat. Measurements of the heat rock 5" x 4" ( 125 mm x 100 mm)

Zoo Med standard rock heater
   Zoo Med rock reptile heaters are a safe and convenient secondary heat source for lizards & snakes and lizards.
Zoo Med standard heater for reptile size: 10" x 5" (225 mm x 100 mm) are a safe source of warmth for reptiles when used with a rheostat.
cl solar heated reptile cage
Zoo Med extra large rock heaters
  Zoo Med extra large reptile rock heaters have a realistic rock finish.
Zoo Med extra large rock heaters measure 16" x 7" (400 mm x 175 mm)
The reptile heat rock will make a great attraction in most reptile enclosures


   If you have an obsolete satellite dish that is your property* you can convert
the dish into a reptile basking pad that is warmed by FREE SOLAR ENERGY

Converting the dish into a reptiles heated home requires minimum tools.

Commence the construction of your pets heated platform by removing all electronic parts and support brackets from the satellite dish.

Inspect the surface of the reptiles platform ( dish ) for any damage. The surface of a commercial dish is coated with a baked on powder coating.
If there is damage to the small reptiles heat pad, repair the surface with a light rub of medium grade sandpaper and recoat with a primer then paint
solar heated reptile cl cl heated reptile home solar heated reptile mat
   Professionally manufactured solar heated reptile homes are available from our associates