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*small fan heaters

Our small heaters are ideal for warming areas exposed to traffic or weather

cl Fan heaters small   Fan heaters are weather proof and have double
insulation to protect you from an electrical shock

Enclosed into the heaters casing is a reliable thermostat
that will automatically maintain a safe heating range. The
fan heater will provide warmth at a very low operating cost

  A filtering system has been installed into the fan
heater to prevent contaminants from being spread


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cl Small Fan heaters cl heaters small solar Weather proof fan
heaters are $69

ONLY   $28.99

Filters can be washed.
Extra filters supplied.

rain  " cold "  frame heater*
A small aluminum heater with two ceramic heating coils clear spacer lightning

If one heater coil fails the remaining ceramic coil will still provide heating.
Cold frame heaters have whisper quiet fans to distribute warmth in the greenhouse.

cold frame heater Hot house heaters


     Automatic heat sensors always maintain a safe temperature

   Mounting the small heater is quick & simple.
cl ship A sturdy support bracket can be placed in any position.
The weather proof  mini green house heater is ideal for damp & humid areas

A low voltage transformer or large battery may be used to power the cold frame heater.
Even a small solar panel will generate useful warmth from the cold frame heater if
conditions are suitable. Mini green house heaters are ideal for heating small areas
                          Easy to read instructions are provided with our small hot house heaters.
No tools required to fit the small heater
cl Small green house heater sun
Additional cold frame heaters can be purchased at a 25% discount   You have the choice
of operating two cold frame heaters individually or connected together with an umbilical
power cord (3 feet ) Connected cold frame heaters have a uniform dispersal of heat
and operate from safe low voltage power. A substrate heater & cold frame heaters
will provide the perfect plant environment. The cold frame heaters are rust proof.

   WIDTH  2.4 ( 60 mm )   LENGTH  4.1 ( 100 mm )   HEIGHT  3.2 ( 75 mm )
small 110 volt heater zzz 240 volt small heater also available cr Small 110 volt heater
Our small 110 volt heater is only 6 x 4.5 x 2
but pack the energy of much larger heaters
  Clean modern lines ensures the small heater is suited for most locations.
An off // on heater switch and operating status is conveniently positioned.

Protection is also built into the compact heater. Auto resetting temperature & overload control maintains heat
at a safe level for you.
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*Portable heater

cl small portable heaters
A portable heater with insulated body that does not rust.
Our light weight heater can withstand rough handling.
Portable heaters are  weatherproof heaters
that can be safely exposed to all types of weather conditions
An automatic thermostat installed within the compact heater
provides economical heating that is reliable & consistent.

     Heat is generated in the interior of the heater.
Warmth radiates through the outer heating vents.

         The small heater has no hot spots on the shell
    and will not cause you injury when touched

cl Small portable heaters       Portable heaters are impact resistant and suitable
for areas difficult to heat. Free operating instructions.
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tiny fan heater

A tiny heater no larger than a tennis ball that provides consistent warmth.
  •  The tiny heater can be operated on rechargeable batteries or a transformer
  • cl pay
  •  Filters fitted to the weather proof heater ensures a clean supply of warm air
  •  An automatic thermostat protects the tiny heater from excessive temperatures
cl tiny fan heaters Tiny fan heaters

 Battery operated heaters will supply sufficient heating
for periods of 24 hours or longer in suitable conditions.
Tiny fan heater may be permanently connected onto power



  two models  small tube heaters
       The small metal tube heater & center mount
is fully sealed to provide safe and clutter free heating in areas exposed to humidity and damp.

An impact resistant metal casing that does not rust allows the small heater to be positioned
clear spacer zzz in areas that are subject to hard impacts. End wiring can be enclosed.  only $12 (limited stock)

Small Tube heaters
     Cap supported tube heaters are the ideal heating solution
when temperature protection is required on tube heater mounts.

The light weight tube heater can be permanently mounted in position with silicon.  just  $14.82

   Small heater

Small heaters Small high temperature heater have a "touch safe" casing.
    Heating is comparable to fan heaters  twice  its size.

    Maximum operating temperature is rapidly obtained.
 Temperatures are automatically maintained to set levels

Whisper quiet heater fans distribute warmth over a wide area.

Safety features are built into small heater
just $14.20   &  an extra long power lead supplied
height 4.2inch ( 118mm ) depth 2.3inch ( 60mm ) width 3.8inch ( 100mm ) weight 8oz 0.2kg

cr small heaters

Heater small

Heaters small

       convenient  off - on  switch

small heater wire

A small heater wire and connectors are the perfect solution for heating projects.

Cuprothal Heater Wire  is suited for encasing items requiring uniform heat.
Small heater wire
The high temperature tolerance of the wire connectors
permits the heater wire to be operated as a radiator.

cr paypal cr pay

Wire heaters can be connected to a variety of power supplies rated to capacity

  Lengths:    12.4 (304 mm ) 24.1 (608 mm ) 36.4 (912 mm ) 48.3 (1216 mm )

    High temperature wire fittings suitable for most situations are included
 select wire length

Small heater cable

Small heater cable

Low voltage heater cable that provides heating per square foot comparable to 110 volt heat cable.
  Small heater cables can be    AUTOMATED   simply by attaching a low cost thermostat.
  The weather proof heating cable is supplied with connectors and long warranty period.

   $6.42    Heater cables have a built in heat restrictor for safety. Temperatures obtained by the small heater will not exceed your desired level.
Suitable for warming soil or embedded into a wall cavity, the small cable heater will provide dependable worry-free heating for
many seasons. Instructions are supplied and a manufacturers warranty plus free shipping protects your investment.
- . - . - . - . - . - . - -------------------------

cl Economical small heater

Small heaters

Small heaters that are quiet and economical

   Small heaters do not create excess vibration or noise when operating at full capacity.
Warmth created by the small heater is sufficient to heat a small area that is not exposed.
Small heaters operate on household voltage. Costs of warming a small area is reduced.
  • SMALL HEATERS have a 24 month manufacturers warranty
  • SMALL HEATERS will warm small areas quickly and economically.
  • SMALL HEATERS are designed to operate safely & quietly for many years.
new   & on special for a limited time $30  just $12.40

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small heater with fan power

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Fan forced small heater A small fan heater that
creates reliable warmth

    The multi connection heater can operate safely in problem areas. Power* may be supplied from any
mains/transformer combination or powered directly
from a storage battery. The small heater has adapter
power plugs that can be used for safely warming the interior of a vehicle.  ( recreational vehicle )

Fan forced heaters are compact, portable and will withstand harsh treatment.
The outer casing of the small heater is insulated to prevent burns and heat loss

Heater with fan small    Small low voltage heaters can be used free
standing or mounted vertical. The low profile
ensures maximum stability. Small fan forced
heaters are ideal for providing "safe heating"

  • Flow control vents on the fan heater supply a gentle flow of warm air.

  • clear spacer lightning
  • The small heaters will operate in confined spaces that are difficult to heat.

  • Our fan heaters have an extra long power lead that makes positioning easy.

  • Battery connected heaters are programmed to economically warm small areas.

  • A selection of adaptors allows you to power directly from a car or RV axillary port.
 Fan forced heaters can also provide comfort on hot days. Powerful whisper quiet fans have
been built into the touch safe heater to supply a continuous flow of cool air.        just $19.52

Small heater and fan pay 50% off

*Pipe heater

Weather proof pipe heaters prevent sections of pipe freezing in cold weather.

cl Small pipe heater

      pipe heaters are available in several sizes

  Rain will not damage the small heater. Pipe heaters have
high levels of  weather proofing that allows wet exposure.

The pipe heater will operate safely for long periods of time at a very low operating cost sign Small pipe heaters

Pipe heaters are easy to fit onto pipes. Simply slide the heater into position.

24 month factory warranty

Warming a smaller sized pipe can be achieved by applying
rubber or silicon seals on the ends of a multifit pipe heater.
Radiated heat will be trapped in your desired location.

The small pipe heater has full insulation to prevent heat loss.
Plastic and metal pipes can be warmed with the low voltage pipe heater.  $18.54
     please select size

small two speed fan heaters

Four small fan heaters gives you the choice of selecting different fan speeds.

The heaters are ideal for areas that require gentle heating

Warmth is provided with minimum disturbance.

3 models still available

cr Small two speed heater Small two speed fan heater soldouts

$37 $14.95

A carry handle & long power lead allows easy relocation of the small heaters.
Small spaces are ideal for our fan heaters. Maximum temperatures are rapidly reached & at a
Portable small heater cl Heater small portable

Simply plug in the touch safe heaters to
enjoy warmth. Safety features such as automatic
temperature control, fan & heater adjustments are
just some of the great features provided for you.

The small heater fans are vibration free.
Surround yourself with quiet relaxing warmth.

  Our small heaters have free shipping on any claims      only  $17.95

small heater

keeping warm with a small heater

The outer case of the small heater is
insulated to prevent major heat loss.
Operating costs are reduced by 20%

A fan produces strong heat flows
concentrated into uniform patterns.
The small fan heater is whisper quiet.
  • RELIABLE and guaranteed for 24 MONTHS with FREE shipping
  • VERY SMALL size allows easy location in difficult to warm areas
  • ECONOMICAL to purchase and low cost operation for long periods
    & on special for a limited time $70  just $22.40 clear spacer Small heater

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Small solar power heaters cl sun

small solar heater

Cold areas that require heating but are located away from a power source can be warmed with a "solar heater"

solar heaters are easy to install                                       

The small solar heater is weather proof and can be positioned in close proximity to the solar panel*
or areas located long distances away, even indoors. No tools are required to fit heater.

Simply connect the small solar heater, solar panel & battery together and enjoy
warmth free of charge

Free installation and operating instructions are supplied

sign water proof   small heater small water proof heaters
    The water proof small heater is only 7 inches long (175 mm) and works efficiently
submerged & located in damp environments that have space limitations.
blank white Water proof small heaters are reliable   

"MULTI" filtered heaters

for an ultra clean air flow

Small filtered fan heaters provide a warm air flow with multiple filtering

The fan filters can be cleaned for re-use. Extra filters are supplied.

Multi filtered heaters will operate reliably for long periods at a low cost.

Full insulation guarantees that the small heater is touch safe.

new Whisper quiet fans ensure silent heating.

Small filtered heater
$19 Four long life spare filters are supplied
at no extra cost

clear spacer

Two high temperature power leads
Six ceramic heating wire support posts
Nichrome coiled wire that can be customized
Fibre glass sheaving to protect all connections
Several connectors with different mounting styles

Small heating wire Small heater wire kit
All this and still just $14.96

                          small  radiant  heater
cr Small radiant heater Small_radiant_heaters    Compact radiant heaters
8.2 ( 420 mm )... 7.6
( 200 mm )...( 187 mm )

Our radiant heaters are narrow &
can be used free standing or
mounted onto a surface


only $11.84

clear spacer Small heating element Small heater element

small stainless steel heating element

The small heating element has a maximum capacity of AC 240V 2000W.
Tube measurements are approximately 11mm / 0.40 L 32 x 7.5cm/ 12.6" x 3"
Connection thread Diameter is 15mm/ 0.59" 4mm/ 0.16"


a small portable heaters a heaters small a Tiny fan heaters

a Heater wire a Small heater cable a Small Tube heaters

A small area heater a Small Fan heaters A Economical small heater A Small 110 volt heater

A small water proof heater A small heater wire kit A small filtered heater A small radiant heater

A small fan heater A small pipe heater A two speed fan heater A low cost heater A small solar heater


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WIRE HEATERS                           FILTERED HEATER


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The small heaters are compliant to several major standards.
Heater performance guaranteed to within 1% of stated capacity