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         3 methods of warming pet dogs


      Dog houses with inbuilt heating have health and safety issues

warm a dog

warm a pup

warm a dogs home

warm a dogs enclosure




    Dog house heaters
white ship   are the perfect solution.

keeping dog house warm

        WARMING A DOGS HOME raining
  is easy with our small  weather proof heater

Wet weather will not compromise your dogs safety.

The heater can operate on batteries, small transformer or solar energy & are
TOUCH SAFE.  Warm the resting space of your dogs home with confidence.

 Dog house heaters  are safe  for German Shepherd and Golden Retrievers.


heating german shepherd

A german shepherd heater powered by "solar"
Now you can keep pets warm anywhere with our dog enclosure heater.

No mains power  is required

Simply face the solar panel towards the direction that has the most sunshine.
white german shepherd and heaters
Electricity generated by the heaters solar panel flows to the battery
producing free power for the touch safe solar dog heater
white sun
German shepherd heaters start automatically
from   FREE ENERGY  stored in the battery
              and        fully automatic                     $49.95    YOUR  RED HOT  PRICE WILL NOT LAST
A sensor detects when your German Shepherd or Golden Retriever is close to the solar heater and automatically activates the heating or cooling cycle.
German Shepherd & Golden retriever enclosure heaters require no tools or skills. All fittings are supplied with easy to follow instructions.
solar dog home heater     Dog enclosure solar heaters can also cool your pet in summer white adds
  German shepherd solar heaters have a whisper quiet fan that is ideal for keeping your dog cool on hot days.
Filters that scrub cool air clean are fitted onto a solar powered fan to prevent fur blowing around your pets home.
              TO OPERATE OUR   Clean Air Solar Fan    SIMPLY CLICK A SMALL BUTTON warming a dog house
                Heat for your German Shepherd warming german shepherd
                with our temperature regulated solar heater

        Settings for the dog friendly heater cannot be accidentally altered
      Thermostats automatically control the small heaters temperatures
    Electrical power leads are safely positioned outside your dog home
white new

Keeping a dog house warm white rain german shepherd dog house         There are no sharp edges

   The battery and solar powered heater
   does not crowd your dog house space.

   German shepherds can rest against the
          touch safe pet heater

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   The small pet home solar heater has been designed to operate safely in confined spaces and can be exposed to all types of weather.
       just    $22.99                     &                                  free solar power
                                      You have the choice  of operating on battery power / solar or both.
German shepherd home heaters may be placed under a raised area to warm the dog home floor or used free standing inside the dog cage.

   The dog friendly solar heater is supplied with a detachable base

  German shepherd cage heaters can operate FREE STANDING close to your dogs body.
No parts of the pet heaters outer shell will burn or injure your large dog.

white lightning white keeping dog enclosure warm      Clean warm air   is gently blown around
your dogs favorite resting area creating relaxation.

  German shepherd and Golden retrievers are adventurous and very boisterous.
The dog friendly heater has been designed to operate safely around your active dog.
german shepherds warm
    Double insulation and weather proofing that protects you and your dog from an electric
      shock is fitted on the small battery / solar powered heaters components plus over heat protection.
      If mains power is available the dog home heater can also be powered from a small transformer. The
    transformer converts the high voltage power into a low voltage powered heater. Operating costs for our
   heater is approx. $3 month during winter* Dog heaters can be used as a filtered COOL AIR fan in summer.
dogs pups solar heating
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    available @ linked sites
  and affiliated partners
          limited stock

    Golden Retriever and Labrador retriever white snow weather
   Solar dog home heaters for warming Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers without a power bill
snowed weather
white snowing weather The fully enclosed dog warmer has no hot spots that might burn large dogs
or pups when brushed against and is ideal for keeping your big pets warm.

Solar dog heaters are impact resistant and suitable for all positions inside the dogs home.
white cold weather The weatherproof solar heater can also be located outdoors exposed to the weather.
Battery power or a transformer may be used to operate the heater in difficult positions.
sold warmth golden retriever
white large dog   There are NO HEATING ELEMENTS touching the wall

   Heat is created in the interior of our dog house heater
   Warmth " flows" from the outer shell vents providing
   safe heat for golden retriever & Labrador Retriever
     WAS   $60     now only $19.99

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white keeping large dogs warm
   Small dogs solar heaters can be placed free standing or mounted onto the floor
   or wall of a dogs home to provide relaxation for your pet.   66% off  nearly sold out white snowing weather

white         Now available in 3 exciting colors
partnered sites  still have a few solar dog heaters
golden Labrador large dog snowy weather

white snowy white cold weather

             Miniature dog heaters
         will heat multiple areas in a dogs home.

         Miniature dog heaters will also warm
     German Shepherd and Golden Retrievers

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rain Golden Retriever heaters

warming Golden Retrievers rain     Solar powered dog heaters can function as a
     FAN / HEAT  combination or independently
  Air flow is directed through the small aluminum nozzle

An insulated sleeve ( supplied ) can be placed on the nozzle to create spot heating.

white best
         Aluminum nozzles for the tiny solar heater plus removable sleeve are available in two sizes
            Nozzles are 1.5" long  ( 38 mm )  or  3" long  ( 76 mm )  with a diameter of .6" ( 15 mm )
             Fittings and a multi-position bracket are included with all our solar powered dog heaters

white adds             A solar panel, transformer or battery may be used to operate the small dog heater.
            Power automatically switches to battery when conditions are not suitable for solar heating.

                Additional tiny solar heaters can be purchased at a  25% discount  You have the choice
              of operating two or more dog heaters individually or connected together with an umbilical
            power cord (3 feet ) Connected solar powered dog heaters have a uniform dispersal of heat
white solar heater large dogs
Small dogs disc heaters Golden Retriever cage
white paypal Small dog disc heaters have
heatCapture ®  aluminum plates
A disposable 9 volt battery can be used to operate the small heater.
The heater is compact, portable and will withstand harsh treatment.
white cold weather white snowy weather
white snowy white cold weather         Small dogs disc heaters are weather proof and ideal
         for warming small pets that require transportation.

heater for large dog
Small dog heaters are also available with battery holders containing
two or four AA batteries. Performance of the little dog heater
INCREASES when powered by a small battery pack.
The heater packs have a safety on // off switch.


white solar warming for dogs white battery for little heater white power for dog heater            MICRO COIL
heater for dogs food bowl ENLARGED  VIEW
heater for dogs water bowl

warming a dogs water bowl
    MICRO COIL DOG HEATERS  give you another choice for keeping dogs warm during transportation or when cold weather is expected. The micro coil and dog disc heater also provide reliable heating for temporary incubators or warmth for dogs with small pups. Cuprothal heating wire that distributes uniform heat is used for the micro dog heaters coil. Power consumption is low. Electrical leads are available in several lengths plus HIGH FLEX aluminum wire sheaves that protect the wires.    @  selected stores and partners   for a short period   $12

The dog heater and micro coil dog heaters can have power supplied from a small transformer, battery or solar energy.
Connecting your supplied power parts onto the Dog heater and micro dog heater is simple and need no tools.
All parts required to connect to the three power sources  are included  in the micro and dog heaters price.

Water bowls & food bowls  can also be kept ice free and warm with our collection of      MINI DOG HEATERS

warming a dogs food bowl there are 4 types of mini heater support mounts
       back mounting : suction cup : flange mount : swivel mount
                                   weather proof  a30 cold weather
white warming dogs heating dogs keeping dogs warm
Dog mini heaters have heat overload
protection.Selected temperatures will be
automatically controlled by the pet heater
    Big dogs cannot accidentally change the selected heat setting
       Should the temperature exceed the selected heat range the dog mini heater will stop heating and
    restart automatically when the temperature has normalized. Safe warmth for your pet is guaranteed.

The manufacturer of our popular dog heaters has a policy of completing orders of large Web Sites & On-Line stores first. This occasionally creates a
shortage for us, especially when our affiliated partners are offering promotional specials such as now. We sincerely apologize for your inconvenience.
   Solar heated dog homes are ideal for warming your pets
A solar heated dog house provides comfort for German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers
dogs solar heated cage All controls are positioned in areas of the solar heated dogs home that cannot be reached by active pets.
Solar heated dog homes are light weight and very easy to relocate into another part of your yard.
The power cost of warming your small dogs solar heated home is    ABSOLUTELY FREE

keeping a doghouse warm white ship   Solar heated pet homes
suitable for small pets and
large german shepherd or
golden retrievers may be
bought as do it yourself
packs or an assembled

solar heated home
available @ sponsors


Whether its a German Shepherd or Golden retrievers home or enclosure with solar heating you can easily assemble an economical solar heated pet home with minimum experience, tools and budget. The factory built solar heated dog home that is displayed will be used as a guide for building the solar heated home.

   Several functions on pre assembled solar dog homes are omitted from our project. Motion sensors that start the heating system when a dog enters the home will not be included. The video camera and audio monitor that provide constant surveillance of pets onto cell phones and computers will be too difficult for our home built project. Weather proofed screens and insect shielding on the factory built curtain system are patented & cannot be copied. We will replace the patented shielding with heavy duty gal mesh plus a screen that has been  weather proofed  for our small solar heated dog home.
white large dog heater white large dog heaters The dishes should be slightly larger than your dogs cage
Discarded radio or satellite dishes may be used

Support arms for the roof can be any material that provides sufficient strength. Hollow metal tubes are the ideal product to use as roof supports.

Connecting the supports to the roof and floor of the solar heated dogs home can be achieved with weather proof fittings that prevent movement.

The solar heated house for large dogs must have the floor raised to prevent ground contact. This will reduce heat loss from the heated dog house.

heated cage for dogs dog heated cage
The assembled shell of your dogs home will require weather protection

Professionally manufactured solar heated dog homes have lifetime guarantees for corrosion protection. Unfortunately painting is required to improve our home assembled project

Solar panels are the simplest part
of the project. Solar panels are easy to
purchase from merchants & at a low price
There are abundant sites and yards that have
recycled panels and second hand fittings for sale.
The price of solar panels can be recovered within
a couple of seasons by using the abundant supply

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        Building your own solar heated dogs cage can be simplified by using solar heaters shown on our web page.
Existing dog houses have been successfully converted into a solar heated dogs home by using one of our big dog heaters. Solar powered dog heaters are  discounted 50%
The dog safe solar heaters will reduce the cost and effort of providing your large dogs with a snug home that is warmed
AND  cooled by  Free Solar Energy    
dogs solar heating sale warming pet