keeping a canary warm
heating for canaries warming canaries
heater for finches
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warming finches heating for finches blank spacer rain
    Heater  plus  mist cooler

Canaries and finches enjoy warmth on cold days
Canaries and finches enjoy being cool on hot days
Birds can enjoy both seasons with our heater - cooler.


    Bird cage heater
keeeping a finch warm flock of birds birds cage heating Birds can be warmed safely
with our weather proof bird
cage and bird aviary heaters.

 Rain will not damage the small pet heater. Bird
enclosure heaters have automatic rain drainers.
The small heater can be safely positioned inside
or exposed to  all types of wet weather  conditions.

Pet heaters operate reliably for long periods of time
on a small transformer or battery at a VERY LOW COST.

Bird cage heaters are easy to fit to your finch cage. Simply place it in the position you desire and tighten one bolt.
Fittings and easy to read instructions are provided for you. No skills or tools are required to fit the small bird cage heater.
  A whisper quiet fan will gently blow warm air throughout your pets home. The air is filtered to prevent particles from being spread.

heatal ship blank spacer cage heater for birds

cage heater for birds
Weather Proof