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maine coon kitten heater maine coon cat heater


At last a heater that will warm your small pet SAFELY

Welcome pet lovers
Warming pets with a standard heater that is designed for home use can be dangerous.
The heaters often have a hot outer casing and protruding corners that may injure boisterous pets.
Worse still is the hazard of electrocution should a playful cat or kitten bite into the electrical power cord.

MAINE COON CAT HEATERS solve these problems and more
blank spacers cat heater
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  A  small heater no larger than a tennis ball
 Battery operated heaters will supply sufficient heating for periods of approximately 24 hours or more in suitable weather.
Your pet fan heater may also be permanently connected onto home power to provide continuous heating.
adds The touch safe cat heater has built in safety features for maximum protection.
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