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heating for reptiles

                    R e p t i l e   c a g e   h e a t e r
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     Weather proof   heater for warming your reptiles cage.
The heater for reptiles is ideal for Vivariums, small snakes & ball pythons. blank spacer camouflage reptile heater

      Blades on the whisper quiet fan are enclosed providing excellent protection.
ball python heater ball python cage heater

blank spacer ball python

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Air is  filtered  with a reticulated foam filter. The filter removes particles floating in the air and pay
can be washed for re-use numerous times. Free filters are supplied with our touch safe heaters. blank spacer add

R e p t i l e   c a g e   c o o l e r
blank spacers reptile heater cooler blank spacers warming reptiles vivarium heater Reptiles can also be cooled
with our small reptiles cage,
enclosure, vivarium heaters.

Reptile cage heater / coolers are easy to fit onto a cage.
Simply place the small cooler in its position and tighten.
Fittings and easy to read instructions are provided for you.
No tool is required to fit the combined cage heater & cooler

                There are two models available
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You can choose to power the reptile heater / cooler on a transformer or connected onto a battery.
The small heater combined with a cooling system can also plug directly into the electrical grid of your home.

Warming or cooling a reptiles home with the multi purpose heater requires no special temperature control or venting system.
Temperatures and fan speed can be controlled independently to create a small area climate or warm / cool the entire reptile Vivarium.

The small heater & cooler is controlled by built in automatic sensors that maintain your desired temperature to within one °Celsius  ( 33 °F )
A panel containing switches, operating status and temperature display is safely positioned behind the small heaters air filter.
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